Thursday, October 24, 2013

It was a Breakdown

We had a great day using our screens to do "Breakdown Printing".  I love how mine came out, it is very happy fabric.  Now I will microwave dye some plain colors to go with it until I have enough to make a blouse.  There were some very fun and interesting results from the class.  Can't wait for "Show and Tell"
I will see you all again on November 6 and we will play with paint.  If you have any Seta Color or Dyna Flo bring them to class along with fabric.  You can use any fiber with paint so if you have a poly cotton blend or such it will work.  Also any opaque objects you may want to use to make sun prints.

Friday, October 18, 2013


I  have spent 5 days at a Don Andrews Watercolor Workshop.  
 The title of the workshop was "People in the Landscape"  I have not done many people before so it was a learning experience.   This painting is about learning how to create light and accent on the people.
 This is learning to create a mood and tell a story.  Also using hard, soft and lost edges.
This is working with textures and highlights.   I have a long way to go but it sure is fun to practice,  I just want to keep trying to get better.

I will spend Monday and Tuesday getting things ready for class.  Don't forget to Soda Ash your cotton if you are using cotton to print on.  Bring your screens and fabric, also any stencils, silk screens or stamps you may want to use.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Thickened Dye Printing

Kristina sent me this photo of her cute tee shirt with the smocked front.  This was Parfait Dyeing that was weak dye, but she made lemonade out of lemons.  Way to go!

We will be printing with the screens we painted today.  If you want to take it a step further bring stencils,  silk screen, or foam stamps and you can add to the images you "Breakdown".  It is easier to handle if you are doing yardage for a garment to cut into sections before printing.   For a shirt a section 36" X 45" will do a front or back and another 3/4 yard will do sleeves.  If you have a pattern in mind draw the pattern pieces onto the fabric lightly with a pencil or water erasable pen.  That way you will know just where to print.

If you want a particular color of dye please send me a e-mail   and let me know by Tuesday morning.  I'm not making every color, but I will add a few to what I already made.  Also whether you want cotton or silk.

Thank you for accommodating me today so I could go to watercolor workshop for the afternoon.  I am really enjoying it.  I am learning a lot about "Painting People in the Landscape".

Friday, October 11, 2013

Silk Screen Breakdown is Coming

 These are the finished quilts I did from the Photoshop Elements Class.  I am going to develop the succulents into a series of quilts using different methods of coloring the image.  This one is applique.  The upper right hand area is the photo printed onto cotton and used as an applique.  I have one painted in silk dye, planning to paint one in thickened Procion dye and perhaps one using fabric paint.

 I always loved the photo and now I love the quilt.  How to quilt it was one of the problems that needed solving.  I hope it is a suitable solution.

We will be moving onto working with thickened dye.  These are examples of "Breakdown Printing"  I like to do this technique because of the serendipity.  You don't know what you will get as you print and the dried dye melts.  The bottom row has a stencil printed over the breakdown.  Something to explore?

Bring your blank silk screen or supplies to make one.
4 stretcher bars
nylon or poly organza
staple gun (I have one if you don't)
Duct Tape (I have 2 big rolls)

We will paint the screens with thickened dye and let them dry for 1 week.

The next week we will print our screens.    Are you going to do cotton or silk?

Monday, October 7, 2013

Halloween Bags

Sara had gotten this fabric last year with bottles on it so this year I made goodie bags for Jack's pre-school class.  They are really cute and will hold just the right amount of treasures for the kids.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Moving along

We started class with "Parfait Dyeing"  but something was wrong with the dye.  It washed out except for blue which is usually the one that is fugitive.  I have done some research and I think I have an idea of what the problem might have been.  
Usually I mix the dyes for class the day before,  because of the baby arriving I mixed the dyes about 10 days before class.  According to some of the research I did Procion MX dyes, once mixed, only last about 5 to 6 days at full strength.  They are also sensitive to heat and they had been sitting in my garage during a very HOT spell.  I apologize for the screw up.  I will be mixing dye on Tuesday for our class on Wednesday.  I suggest that you "Parfait" again if you were doing cotton.  The Silk dyes seemed to be ok.

 I will be demonstrating some shibori folds, a free-form dyeing method we call "Splish-Splash" and gutta resist silk painting.  If any of those appeal to you move forward with them.  If you had light results with the cotton of the first day either over-dye or save it and print or paint over the top of what you have later.
This is Kate holding her new sister, Aly Jane Westbrook.  There is lots of holding required and everyone wants a turn.