Sunday, May 19, 2013

More Marbling

I recently returned from Santa Barbara where I taught marbling yet again.  This time there was a twist.
Look down at the third photo.  It is the silk necktie transfer technique.  Some of the ladies ties didn't transfer well so one of the ladies marbled over her scarf.  WOW! what a difference with layer over layer of design.

 This is one layer of marbling on a white silk
 These were silk tie transfer scarves that were then marbled over the top.  Look at the effects.  The one on the left looks like wonderful patterned stones.
 silk tie transfer on white silk scarves.  These turned out really well and were not over marbled.
 The fabric on the left is marbled over a pre-printed design.  It is really stunning.  The middle is over a lightly  pre-dyed fabric.  The one on the right is over rusted fabric.  Very organic and woodsy looking.
One students results of two sessions of marbling and over marbling fabrics.  Really fun.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

WAC Fashion Show

The Wearable Art Connection Fashion Show is Saturday  May 18th at the Fullerton Library.
See you there.

 I'm off to Santa Barbara from Monday to Thursday pm.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fashion Show Coming

We will continue marbling this week.  Bring a pot luck food to share instead of lunches.

It is the last class until September, but we still have the WAC Fashion Show.  So be sure and bring what you are going to model on May 8.  FASHION SHOW ON MAY 15 AT FULLERTON LIBRARY 1:00 PM.

We will also  have a get to gather at Myrna's on July 24th 875 N College Ave, Claremont at noon.  Bring a pot luck dish to share. and anything elese you want to show and share.

I will be posting now and then throughout the summer.  Hopefully you will check the blog out to see what I'm doing.  We will resume classes again in the fall.  starting with 3 or 4 weeks of photos and quilts.  After that who knows?  Please let me know what you might like to do.