Saturday, November 27, 2010

Time to Start Sewing Again

This is me after the WAC Suzi Click Workshop. I have got to go shopping for good accessories; however
I was not at the Mall over the Holiday, I was with family and having fun.

Now I am home again and it is time to get the new class ready to go.

Wednesday we will start with the 2 scarf jacket, so if you painted, or dyed two scarves or fabric which amounts to two squares of 30" to 35" square bring them. This is the easiest jacket in the world to make, but we want to do something fun with the front opening. Bring your sewing machine and let's sew.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Houston Report

It was a busy month for me. I took painting classes in Pasadena for two days, then flew to Eureka, CA and dyed 100 yards of silk chiffon at Hanah Silk, came home and slept one night in my own bed then off to Houston for 11 days of non-stop activity and teaching. I did take two classes. One on How to print and sell your own patterns. I don't think I will do that. Then a Forum on Machine Quilting. I loved the work of an Austrailian woman, last name Bower, I want to try her technique. I have bought some Kafee Fassett prints to try it out. My quilt "Tidepools" looked good in the show. I didn't win, or place but I did show. The show was great this year. I am so amazed at the quality of work and creativity displayed. They are all so good!
They ran out of 50,000 tickets on Friday and had to print another 10,000 for Saturday and Sunday. Jammed with people. It did keep me from buying very much, so I guess that is okay.

In class Wednesday bring your sewing machine if you want to work on the animal quilt. I also left the dye in the closet so you can dye silk if you want. I am busy planning for the next session. It starts on Wednesday December 1 and we will have three weeks then two weeks of Holidays and back January 5 for the push to the fashion show in February.

My Internet was down

When I arrived home from Houston I was so ticked that my cable and Internet were both out, now four days and two repairmen later I am up and running again. I apologize for to those of you who didn't know what to bring to class on Wednesday, but I had no way of updating the blog announcement. (No Internet, remember)

I left the dye in the classroom closet so you can dye silk next time or bring your sewing machines and work on the animal quilts. I will try and post more information over the weekend, but now I have to go do the things I couldn't; because I have been waiting for repairmen to show up. See you.