Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Merry Christmas

We are off for two weeks. Enjoy the Holidays, I know I will.
Thank you all for the card filled with love and money. What a surprise. I love you all and am so blessed to be your class leader. I hesitate to say teacher; because you all help me with the teaching by sharing your multiplicity of talents.

When we return on January 5 we will be doing Speciality Threads. Here is a bit more information about what to bring.
I will be gone most of the two weeks and may not get back to the blog so enjoy the pictures and get ready for some fun.

Upside and Backwards

Things to bring:

Sewing machine, with a darning or free-motion foot
Needles: 80 or 90 Universal, 80 or 90 metallic needles,
100 topstitch needle, 80 or 90 embroidery needle (optional)
small screwdriver to loosen tension screw on bobbin case or extra bobbin case
Embroidery hoop that fits under your presser foot. Wood, plastic, or spring hoop ok
15” square fabric sandwich. Top fabric (silk, or cotton), batting (any kind okay), backing white or light colored cotton preferred
white or beige thread to match the backing.. fabric
3-4 empty bobbins
large eye hand sewing needle
# 2 pencil

You will receive :
Specialty fabrics for technique samples
Threads for making samples
Wash away stabilizers for samples (different kinds for different techniques)
Jewels, sequins, etc.

Many of the specialty threads are too large for the needle, but you can sew upside down and use them in the bobbin. Don’t be afraid to adjust the tension on your bobbin case or invest in another bobbin case so you don’t have to mess with the tension on your regular bobbin case. Just remember “righty tighty and lefty loosey”

Saturday, December 4, 2010

New Class, new projects

A new calss has started and we have a man come to sew. His name is Alex Pena and he is a student of Kathy Sterling.
I know coming into our class can be overwhelming at the begining, but what a great oppertunity for a young person to learn from all of you. I really am blessed to be your leader, and sometime teacher. I learn so much from you maybe I should pay the entrance fee.

I am going to go into my "Studio", (you all know it is really the garage) and make samples for the neckline of the "Chiffon Circle" top. We will be making our 2 scarf jackets so bring your 2 scarves or fabric and now that you have made samples of possibilities for the front of your jacket bring the embellished fronts or the things to embellish the front. We will put it all together and then make a few samples for the Circle top.

Or you can work on anything you wish. I just thought these two quickies would get us up to the holidays and on our way.
See you Wednesday.

This jacket is an adaptation of a design shown by Sherrill Kahn at her workshop
for WAC.

Materials needed:
2 silk scarves 30” to 35”
embellishment of choice
sewing maching and sewing supplies

The big advantage of using scarves is that the edges are already finished by
a rolled hem.

1. Cut or tear one of the scarves down the middle.

2. Embellish the front openings by turning each torn or cut edge to the front or back about 2" and stamp, stencil, stitch or whatever along the band formed. You may need batting or intrfacing to stalilize it and if doing decorative stitching do use tear away stabilizer to make the stitching smooth.

3. Sew the shoulder seams by sloping the seam from the neckline to the shoulder about 1" to 2" lower at the shoulder.

4. Sew side seams by coming down 12 " from the shoulder seam and stitching the side. Option: leave a slit in the side seam.

5. Add a couple of tassels or a few beads to weight the bottom of the fronts and you are done.