Monday, June 28, 2010

putting it together

Are your photos printed? Have you assembled the fabrics to use? Are you ready to put it all together?
Great! then that is what we will be doing on Wednesday. This is the part of the project that often takes the most time.
Trying to decide what to use and how to assemble it. We will talk about the possibilities and them create these little masterpieces.
See you.
PS you will not need your computers.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another day at the computers

Wednesday was the last day with computers. Now we print the images we have been working on and start putting it all together into a quilt. We took a field trip to Ginger's Quilt Shop and looked at the fabric possibilities there. (She gave me gift bags for all of you. I'll bring them Wed.)

Next week Supply list: Digital Images in Quilts

Images printed onto fabric and set with fabric softner
Fabrics to add to quilt
Embellishments if desired example: ribbon, lace, beads, buttons, etc.
Wonder Under, Misty Fuse, Steam a Seam Light, etc. about 1 yard if planning to applique
Batting 3” to 5” bigger all around than your finished quilt ( not just the photo)
Straight pins and safety pins for basting
Needle and basting thread
Sewing thread in colors that blend with the fabrics
If you have Wonderfil Invisafil thread bring that
Glue stick
Small sharp scissors for "fussy cutting"
Paper scissors
Regular fabric scissors
Sewing machine
Machine needles size 80 or 90 a pkg of size 60 if you use Invisafil
Rotary cutter and mat (optional)

You will not need your computer next week . If you are doing something quite small you may bring your sewing machine to sew the background and start appliqué, but you might not get that far on a larger quilt. If you will be sewing bring a free motion foot as well as a regular foot.

Now the fun begins!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm almost ready

I know you are all anxious to begin class again. Sorry for the delay, but I needed the time to get it together after the funeral.
I'll be fully ready on Wednesday June 9 so be there ready to turn digital photos into Art. I havelearned a lot of things to make the whole process better since last summer.
Come with your laptop or share with a friend and learn what to do when you go home to your desktop. We will be working with the Photoshop Elements program. You can download a trial version from the Adobe site on the Internet if you are not ready to purchase the program yet. It is not the expensive Photoshop. Photoshop Elements is under $100 and if you shop the Internet it is considerablly cheaper. Have a few photo loaded to work with or you can practice on the Sample Photos which come with the program to practice.
See you soon.