Sunday, February 14, 2016

Good Week

I did a Workshop in San Diego this past weekend.  It was really fun.

 I was staying in La Jolla with one of the members of the Silk Painters Guild and we took a morning walk before class.  WOW!  It was so beautiful and it smelled so good.  What a way to start the day.

 These are some of the results of the first day when we did microwave dyeing.  This piece was done on a string and pulled up into a bundle, but when she unwrapped it the center had too much white, so I had her re-wrap just the center and wet and tie the rest of the fabric into plastic bags and re dye the piece.  She did like a giant Kumo Knot in the center.  Then when she made her jacket the next day it was glorious.
 This was done with bubbles of chiffon wrapped with rubber bands, but the colors were so beautiful.  It is hard to see because the chiffon is see thru.  Just take my word it was great!
Another string and scrunched for resist. It had better penetration and was awesome.  She also dyed a pair of white silk jersey pants to go with it, but we felt it was too much pattern so she now has the start of 2 outfits, both of which are beautiful.
Then my battery died.  That is what happens when you forget to charge things.

Wednesday in class we will work on the silk paintings started last week.  Since it is the last class we will clean out the closet and I hope you will take some of the things home.  3 or 4 microwave ovens, felt pads, patterns, pots, bowls, and stuff.  I'm going to miss going to class, but who knows what the next phase of my life will bring?

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Fun continues

We have ice dyed and then removed a bit of color.  Below is the result Melanie got from soy wax resist, ice dyeing and then using some discharge paste to take of a bit of color.
 We had a visit from Jo and she shared a wall art piece she did by painting on canvas, cutting it up and putting it back together with a few other fabrics.  Love the vibrance of the piece.

 Another of Jo's pieces.
  This silk scarf was ice dyed and then discharged with Discharge Paste.  I  love the antique look that came about.   Below is an example of "Two for One"  Annie as ice dyeing a roll of silk ribbon and put some fabric in the bottom to catch the dye drips.  She got this lovely purple and blue fabric to make a blouse.

Next Wednesday we will move onto silk painting with Seta-Silk and Dyna-Flo.  If you have silk painting supplies bring them.  Ex.  Gutta bottle, paints, brushes, square or rectangle frame and pins.I found a bunch of silk left over from a class I taught in Houston a few years ago and will bring the silk for you to practice on.  If you don't have stretcher bars I have extra.