Thursday, April 17, 2014

I've been painting

I have been working in a series.  "Women with Birds", don't know why that is what the series is, but
 I've been having fun.

 This is watercolor the rest of the paintings are acrylic.
 This moody little number is 16" X 20".  I am painting bigger.

 I love the way the baby birds came out.

 Reminder of my trip to Cuba
I am trying to get more complex and symbolic in the work.  Does she look pregnant?  She is supposed to it is afterall a stork.  I like the reflection in the water.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Since last we met

Here's what happened.  I had double dyed a piece of chiffon and it was very dark purple and black.  I thought it was ok so I made a jacket.  When it was finished there was a kumo knot in the back almost centered on my butt.  Not so good, it was high contrast light and dark.  I then folded the jacket in a triangle and put it onto a small diameter PVC pipe and wrapped it.  This morning I put it into a discharge solution thinking I would then over dye the results.  When I took it out of the discharge solution it looked like sunlight on the desert.  I am leaving it just as it is. The kumo knot is lighter and less obvious.  The piece that I tore off the bottom is the scarf piece hanging on the right side.  It is beautiful also.  It ain't over till you like it!

The next class will start on June 11 and will be "Photos on Quilts".

I am loving having time to paint, and will post some of the things I am painting in a few days.  I am painting bigger with acrylics.