Thursday, May 10, 2018

Workshop is May 20

My workshop is just ahead.

It is at Bobbie Moon's House
1961 Mar Vista
Altadena, CA

On Sunday May 20, 2018    9 to 4

    I have lots of patterns you can use, or bring your own
photo printed 8" X 10" printed on plain paper.

We will paint it on silk.  Lots of tricks and treats
for you to be successful.

Painting and then applique and stitching.

Monday, April 2, 2018


I will be giving a lecture and teaching teaching a workshop in Los Angeles area in May.
The lecture will be a slide show and examples of silk painting using photos and drawings as the basis for the design.  There will also be several quilts and wall art using the technique.

 This is an example of a silk painting done from an old photo of my great grand-parents.  I used sepia tones to give it the old photo look.  It does not have the appliqué added yet.
 This is from a simple drawing I had done with added fabrics and stitching,  Simple but fun to do.
Silk painting from a photograph with appliqué and stitching added.  The extra textures give it POP!
The workshop is being sponsored by

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A New Show

I have the opportunity to be the featured artist for the month of May at the Boulder City Art Guild Gallery (Gallery is in the Historic Boulder Dam Hotel).  I have been very busy making new pieces.  I will be showing silk paintings, silk art quilts, and a few garments.  
Now that I live in the desert Cactus have a new appeal.

These are some of the pieces I have been working on. They are silk paintings with appliqué and stitching accents.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Something else

I have been painting silk and making them into wall art rather than clothing.  I know that is a change for me but how many jackets are already hanging in my closet?  Lots of them.
I was asked to do a gallery show at the Chaffey Communities Museum last year and I worked really hard to make things for the show.  It was a great success which was very fulfilling for me to know people would actually pay money for my work.

This was the title piece for the show.  It was called "Offerings in Silk"

This is a newer piece I have made using some of the new techniques I have been working on.
I will be teaching these techniques for the Wearable Art Connection in California in May

Saturday, February 24, 2018

More Pouring

I was at my daughter Sara's in San Clemente basically house sitting while they were gone and only teenaged daughter was home, but not very much.  So I was watching You tube videos on Acrylic pouring and decided to get some supplies and try it.  I poured about 25 small canvas.   And found I was addicted to it.  then I tried pouring a more controlled picture.
 These ocean pours are bigger, about 12 X 24 but I found I could get an ocean feeling with just a bit of control of the paint.

When Sara came home she wanted me to teach her how to do indigo dyeing.  She had napkins she wanted to dye.  There was no way I was going to set up an indigo pot and do it the old fashioned way so I just ordered fiber reactive Procion dye in indigo color and taught her how to fold twist and tie the napkins into patterns.

They looked great and she was happy.  Now all her friends want to make indigo dyed napkins!
Can't blame them.  I may be going to California again with more indigo dye soon.
It's Been a long time since I posted to this blog.
In the meantime I have moved to Boulder City, Nevada and am re-establishing myself, finding new groups, and trying lots of new things.  It isn[t easy to move out of the familiar into the unknown.
It was a very hard decision to make, but now a little over a year later, I'm glad I moved here where I am near to my daughter Lisa and her wonderful family.  I am very involved in their lives (helping with homework, driving to lessons, etc.) and loving it.  I also have lots of time to do "my thing" and I'm discovering so many things I love to do.  I haven't found a Fiber Art Group near by so I have joined the Art Guild here in town and am doing much more painting than I did while living in California.  I'm even teaching a few students and we are having such fun.

Let me show you some of what I have been doing.

This is Acrylic Pouring 
It is liquid acrylic paint and Floetrol or pouring medium mixed with a few drops of silicone oil 
poured onto canvas and let dry.
It is addictive!

Monday, September 25, 2017

I'm Back

     Here's what has been happening.  I moved to Boulder City Nevada last year, and it took me several months to remodel the house, and get settled in.  Then several more months to get used to living here.
       I didn't do much art and was totally without motivation or stimulation although I had a lovely new painting studio as well as a sewing room.  I missed everyone in Southern California and inspiration they all gave me.
       Eventually I started looking for like minded people, but they were hard to find.  I did run into a few women who painted together at the library and they invited me to join them.
       The Chaffey Communities Museum of Art in Ontario asked me to do a show there last June so at last I had motivation to get something going.  "The Magnolias" quilt above was at the show which was great! Not only did I see many friends there, but I sold many art pieces which was very encouraging to me that someone really liked what I was doing.
       When I returned to Nevada I went to work and painted a few new things and got them into a local gallery.  Hooray!

 These are silk paintings with stitching and applique pieces of hand dyed silks.  I spent a lot of time working out how to turn silk paintings and stitching into wall art in a frame on the wall.   Galleries are not sure what to do with a piece you can't just hang on a hook, so now I have jumped that hurdle.

     These are the latest experiments that I have been playing with,  I have been asked by SAA and WAC to give a presentation and a workshop for them next year so I have been working on a new technique where the students will work from their own photos and create silk art in a smaller format (about 8" X 10".  I think we will have fun.  I tried doing these old family photos maintaining the sepia tone with the silk appliqué and was excited about how they came out.
      If anyone is out there I will try and post again on a more regular basis now that I'm working in the studio  again.