Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I have been Traveling

I went to Wilmington, NC to visit my sister, and then we took a trip to Charleston SC .  Two weeks of fun with my sisters then home again.

 This is the oldest house in Charleston SC, built in 1714, but still standing.
 North Carolina Coast at sunset.  So beautiful.  Then I went to Maine for a two week painting workshop.  That was a wonderful experience as well as beautiful scenery.  I just returned.
 This light house was at the end of the road where we were.  How New England is that?
Tiny little harbors with the lobster boats in for the day.  I ate lobster several times, yum and only $20.

I will post a few of the paintings I did in a few days.  My luggage is still sitting in the front hallway waiting to be unloaded.  Today is the day.  I had to get over jet-lag and just plain EXHAUSTION yesterday.  It is good to be back, with so many plans and ideas for the future.