Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sharing what I've been Doing

For the past few weeks, since I returned from Maine I have been working on "MY HAPPY LIFE' Series.  I have had so much fun.  They are painted from memory without any photo reference so it has been an interesting challenge.  They may not look fully defined, but memories are that way, kind of fuzzy and not always fully defined.  If you have had similar experiences you can put yourself into the pictures.
 This is "Day at the Beach"
 "NOT Until your Room is Clean"
 "Family Reunion Photo"  This painting is 30" X 40"  ( Smile)
"Family Vacation"

Thursday, July 2, 2015


After I arrived home it took me two full days to get my suitcases out of the entry hall, unpacked and do the laundry.  Now that job is done, but there are still things in the garage to be put away.  Now I also have a bunch more paintings to figure out where to put them.

 On the Saturday and Sunday between the two week of painting workshop we did not have a formal class, so I went to the Botanical Gardens.  There were the most beautiful peonies blooming so I took some photos and painted when I got back from the Gardens.  It was  a good thing I went on Saturday because on Sunday it was pouring rain, so I went to a museum in Rockland with lots of Andrew Wyeth paintings in it.
The hotel had no food service so every night we would go 7 miles into town and eat at a seafood and lobster dock.  So good!  Fresh off the boats that morning and into the pan.  These are the lobster boats docked for the night and ready to go out the next morning.  An interesting view to paint from.  Looking straight down onto the dock.