Saturday, December 15, 2012

working the plan

 Here I have painted 3 yards of white cotton and am auditioning threads to determine which color I want to use for some stitching on the fabric.  I divided it into garment parts and each is painted just a bit different now I want to add some thread work, but not sure what that will be.  I kind of like the deep red color.

 These are different parts of the same piece of fabric.  It was underdyed first and then Presist brushed on and painted over with black thickened dye.
Here I used a stencil to apply Presist to the dyed background.  Then over painted leaving the background colors to show through.  It's not great yet, but I'm just seeing if the "plan" works.
I can only stand up for about 1 hour and then I have to get off my knee for awhile, so while I am down I contemplate what to try next.