Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Back Again

Here are the drapes I made. Lesson Learned: When you have a long span and the lining is heavier than the drape fabric make the lining bow upward in the middle. I made the lining shorter but it hangs down below the drape in the middle. I am re-hemming this morning. This side of the room looks nice, but the other side is bare. Oh well, another project in the making. The Sewing class starts next Wednesday, and I'm anxious to get back to all of you. Bring your sewing machines and a zipper foot for making the samples. I will post the schedule when I finish typing it.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I just finished this silk painting and will be putting it in a Surface Art Show in February. It is silk painting with bits of hand dyed silk applique for accents. Then I backed it with batting and free motion quilted it. I then stretched it onto a 16" X 16" wooden frame (like we did with the painted and quilted canvas) It looks very interesting and definitely looks like wall art when presented in that way. I am through making felt hearts and moving onto other projects. I need to make something to wear into the cold when we go to Utah next week, but I also want to make something using the techniques we will be doing in sewing class (two birds with one stone theory). I have several ideas I just have to buckle down and sew.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I have been getting into the Christmas spirit making these felt ornaments. So far I have made about 1 dozen. I worked on them while I was at my daughters in Nevada. Each one is different but uses all the same elements. Now I am home again and working on drapes for my bedroom. I have never made drapes before and they are sooooo much fabric to rassel around with. They are starting to look good, but I am going to have my son re-enforce the curtain rods; because these things are really heavy. Wish me luck, I want to finish them while I have time off. Tomorrow night 4-7 is "Meet the Teachers" at Gingers Quilt Shoppe, Upland. I will be teaching "Free Motion Machine Doodling", "Monkeys or Macaws" and "Silk Painted Butterfly Wall Hanging". If you sign up on Dec 7 you get a discount on the class price. Hope to see you there.