Monday, June 24, 2013

Abstract Art?

I went to a weekend Acrylic Painting workshop in San Clemente.  I kept seeing things in the painting and they became more representational than abstract.  I did paint very loose so that was fun.  We were also painting much larger than when I do watercolors.

 The painting looked like a vase, so what do you put into a vase?  Flowers of course.  I did paint it quickly with a palette knife so that helped.
Abstract, at last.  Using colors that are not my usual color range helped me get a more abstract feeling in the painting.  The instructor said this was good so I am satisfied.  I want to do more of this big painting, but have been babysitting and haven't time for awhile.  Maybe next week I can get the paints out again. I will have to buy more canvas.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Gallery Show

I was recently in a gallery show in Ontario.  It was a painting show so I 
entered silk painting. 

I have been traveling back and forth between children this summer plus taking watercolor painting.