Monday, February 25, 2013

No class This WED

There will not be a class this Wednesday.  We will be going to the FIDM Gallery display downtown.
Meet at the gallery at 10 am, bring a sack lunch and then we will go downtown for a bit.  Also don't forget the Scholarship Store.  They had some nice silks at $5 a yard when I was there last week.

When we come back to class on March 6 we will be making these ribbon sunflowers and two other embellishment techniques.  I will bring the materials for the sun flowers.  Bring a hoop that fits under the machine foot if you have one, and a few fabric scraps (3 to 5 inch pieces)  for the other two techniques.  The scraps can be cotton, silk, poly, or what ever you have.

Buttons needed

 Another shirt finished, well almost  I need to get buttons for it then it will be done.
I hope you are making progress on you projects as well.
We will not have class this week we are going to FIDM to view the Costume Exhibit.  See you downtown at 10 am.  Or in the South parking lot at  8:45 if you want to carpool.

Friday, February 22, 2013

More Marbling

 Show and tell was a feast of marbling.  Everyone had success with the technique and had so many beautiful pieces of fabric to share.
 All different techniques were there.  Pat is showing a grid laid over the paint and then picked up by the fabric.
 Look at this stack of fabrics.  Everyone was so prolific.

 These are my 56 fabrics rinsed and hung out to dry all over the yard.  Now what will I do with them?
Just wait and see.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


 I have just spent the last two days at a marbling workshop with Jo Fitsell for WAC.  It was wonderful and we all had so much fun.
 These are a few examples of the work laid out to dry on my garage floor.  There were many techniques.  One layer of marbling, over layer, with a stencil as a resist and over pre-printed fabric.
I'm so excited to get them washed and ready to show off.
If you were in the workshop, and I know many of you were, bring 5-6 of your favorites to share in class.  Since most of us did at least 20 or 30 pieces it would take all day for us to show and share so in the interest of time choose a few.  I know it will be very hard to do.
 These were marbled over a not so special silk painted fabric.  Now it is VERY SPECIAL!
 This is is two different patterns of marbling over each other.  Love the complex pattern it makes.
More layered marbling.   LOVE IT
REMEMBER CLASS STARTS AT 10.  We will be doing the yoke and collar of the shirt project.
I have to take Jo to the airport at 1 pm.  So plan your time accordingly.   See you in class.

Friday, February 8, 2013

work in progress

 These are some of the fabrics being created in the class.  We will start the sewing part of the class next week.  By a unanimous vote the students voted to start class at 10 am from now on.  Since most were finished for the day by 1 or 1:30 pm we won't be losing any time as we can stay up until 3 pm is need be.  
 Next week it will save time if your shirt or blouse is cut out and ready to start the sewing process.  I will bring some fusible interfacing unless you have something that you especially like then bring that.
We will use some industry methods to speed up the construction process.
Don't forget to bring thread and any other sewing supplies you will need.   See you Wednesday.