Friday, July 16, 2010

for the birds

The next grandchild quilt is in the works. My grand daughter Julie who lives in London asked for a quilted wall hanging of birds sitting on a telephone wire. This is the result of that request. I have painted a silk version and also done a cotton applique version. They are not finished yet, but coming along. I will probly create a pattern from the applique cotton version with a Seta Color painted background.
In the meantime I am still battling bees in my roof tiles. These little creatures have been an expensive pain. I hope we got them this time. Isn't the third time the charm?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

last class for the summer

This Wednesday will be the last class for the summer. I need to go off and regenerate, come up with a few new ideas, work on a project or two and just chill generally.
I'm looking forward to what you have done with the photo quilts so we will have "Show and Tell" at the begining of class this week. Also bring what else you have been working on for us to see and admire.
See you then.