Saturday, September 28, 2013

New Class Starting

A New Class starts on Wednesday Oct 2, 2013  We will be concentrating on dye and paint
Below is the schedule and supplies needed.


This session of classes will be an opportunity to review (for former students) and to learn new techniques (for new students ).  Each week I will bring either dyes or paints .   If it is a dye week both Acid and Procion will be there.  I have several colors that were ordered in the past so I want to bring some of those as well as our standards.
You may use them as you wish.  There may be suggestions for each week.

 I do not have enough paint for everyone so you may be asked to bring your own selection of colors.  I will have enough for sampling different paints, but not for you to do big projects.

WE WILL BE DOING  SHOW AND TELL  so bring what you are working on or what you finished over the summer.

week 1 Oct 2 Parfait Dyeing

materials Fabric either silk or cotton or both  2 to 3 yds
container that is taller than wide (ex Mayonnaise jar)

week 2 Oct 9 Optional dye methods  ex: Splish and Splash,  low water immersion, microwave shibori, twist and shout w/chiffon
gutta resist silk painting (Use your quilt photos, and paint and applique, it is easier than all applique.)

materials fabric, containers for methods you are using, string, bins
sheet plastic, etc.
we have PVC pipes, injector needles, 30” stretcher bars and a few other things.

week 3 Oct 16 HALF DAY ONLY   10 to 12   Optional dye methods cont.
suggestion:  Paint a silk screen with thickened dye for use
next week.

materials blank screen  

week 4 Oct 23 Printing with thickened dyes

materials fabrics: new or pre-dyed, sheet plastic if using cotton or
rayon, silk screens, additional screens, stamps etc.


week 6 Nov 6 Paint on Fabrics 
materials fabric: new or pre-dyed fabric or T-shirt.  Seta Color or Dyna Flow Paint
things to make sun prints.  (We have some here)

week 7 Nov 17 Paint and Fabric   plus Tee-Juice pens

materials fabric or Tee-shirt


Designers Choice:  Let me know what you want to try again
ex: discharge, or whatever

When I copied and pasted it got wonky, but I think you can read it.  

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Heading for the Finish Line

 Yesterday I started putting together my bicycle quilt.  It is almost all quilted, but it isn't very big so it is only a few hours of work.  I was concerned about the black and white photo and colored cloth, but it seems to be working.  I love this photo, and have been meaning to make it into a wall quilt for years now here it is almost done.  WOW!

Okay now onto the next method of using your photos for quilts.  I got two 200% enlargements made from my 8 X 10" tracing on clear plastic.  One is the right side then I flipped the plastic and printed a 200% enlargement in mirror image.  I am going to use Wonder Under so the mirror image becomes the template for the Wonder Under and then I fuse it to the wrong side of the fabric and it fits onto the map of the right side.
I'm hoping I have fabrics in my stash that will work for the quilt values, or I  may have to dye,  or I'm thinking "Overdyeing" a couple of commercial fabric prints will give me what I need.  I am off to my "studio" to try and make the plan work.  I hope you are also having fun putting your photos to work.

If you are planning to come to the next session "PAINTING AND DYEING FABRICS", you will need to bring either cotton or silk to dye.  I will be bringing both acid dye for silk and procion dye for cotton to class and I am thinking we will start with "Parfait" dyeing so bring a taller, than wide container to dye the fabrics in.  Do you think we can do the silk in the microwave?  It is worth a try.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Printed and Ready

Here are my 8 sheets printed and ready to sew together.  I will sew some here at home and demo how to match and hold them together to sew them accurately.  I also bought some fabric with bicycles on it, but put it in a "Safe Place" so I will spend the next few minutes (or it could be longer) trying to find it.
I should have only one place to put things but that may not work; because I have too many precious things to fit into one "safe place"  Wish me luck.

I hope you are printing your photos on fabric and ready to move on next class as well.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

while I wait

 While I have been waiting for class to start I have made the bumper and ruffles for an old metal bassinet that Sara bought.  She saw a bed set on the internet that cost $565 and figured mother ( that's me) could make it cheaper.  $75 dollars of fabric and supplies and 3 days of labor later it is done.

This is a watercolor painting I did a few weeks ago.  He turned out really good.  I have been painting about two days a week for a few hours and making good progress.
I may not have as much time to paint once classes start again; because I will have to be getting class projects done and won't have time for everything.  It has been a good summer.