Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner

                              NO CLASS NEXT WEEK,   NOVEMBER 25  
                        We will all be busy getting ready for the BIG FEAST!

We will be back on December 2 and that will be the last class until after all the Holidays.  The next session of classes will begin on January 6, 2016.  Can you believe another year will be gone?

 A few of the things shown at "Show  and Tell" today.  We have really enjoyed working with the Seta Silk and Dyna Flo silk paints.  So easy.
 Today was a great day of Microwave dyeing.  I will look forward to the next class on Dec. 2 to see the final results.
This was done by Kristina  in the sun with Seta Color paint.  Sorry I didn't rotate it before I brought it into the blog space.  We all enjoyed the sun prints.  I am working on mine to give it a little more punch.

In water color class I set out to paint a watercolor to have made into a Christmas card.  Now I have to decide which painting it will be.

                                      Get ready for Christmas it's coming soon.  

They are ready for sign-ups for the class starting January 6, 2016.  It will be the last class I will be teaching at the Hughes Center in Claremont.  I Have taught there for 16 years, but it is time for me to cut back and get cleaning out my garage and trying a new focus for awhile.  I hope to see some of you I haven't seen for awhile for one last class.

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Did you enjoy Veteran's Day? Are you ready to get back to class?
Next Wednesday we will be doing microwave dyeing.  Bring the silk you received and divided and we will dye that.  If you have silk scarves or other silk fabric pieces you may bring those to dye also.  We will only have dye for silk fibers.

 These are pieces of silk chiffon which were dyed in a class.  The way you tie, twist and fold the fabric gives you the different patterns.  The process is really easy and fun to do.

 All these scarves were microwave dyed.  So if you have some bring them.
If you have extra time I will also have the Seta Color for sun prints and the Seta Silk to continue painting on the first project if you haven't finished that yet.  See you WEDNESDAY.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


The Hughes center will be closed for Veteran's Day next Wednesday November 11.
So there will be no class.   Work at home if you get a chance.

For the Sun Prints   Iron them on both sides, then rinse to soften.  Iron smooth.

You can  then bring them back and add some stamping or stenciling to enhance the surface.
I will bring a different kind of paint to use.  

We will also Microwave dye some of your silk  (from the yard I gave you).  We will use acid dye which I will bring.

I loved the results we got today with the Seta Color Sun Prints.