Tuesday, August 24, 2010

WAC Workshop

What fun we had with Sherril Kahn. Lots of ideas spilling out everywhere. Thes a are few of the technique samples I made.
I loved doing oil pastel rubbings over the breakdown prints the blue and ochre are examples. The lighter beige, ochre and blue is a gelatin print. Wow! we will have to do something with that technique. Lots of us bought Sherril's rubber plates, (hopefully we got different ones). We will definently use them. I have also come up with a couple of ways we can make our own rubbing plates CHEAP! Not as detailed, but it will work.
See you soon.
I will be keeping track of my 15 year old grandson Justin this week. He is the last little bird in my son and daughter-in-laws nest so they are off to celebrate 27 years of marriage and I will be the transportation, cook and morning wake up caller. Also three dogs need food, water and walking.

Monday, August 23, 2010

A New Class Starts Set. 1

After spending three days with Sherril Kahn I am inspired and fired up to go.

Be sure and bring the things you have been doing over the summer for Show and Tell. I did almost nothing over the summer, so I am counting on you.

For the first class bring a pair of small sharp scissors and a pair of paper scissors, I'll bring the materials for making a couple of samples just to get us going.

Here is the proposed schedule:
Fall 2010

Painting and Dyeing Plus Diane Ricks
blog: www.wonderfulwearables@blogspot.com
www,dianericks.com (will also get you to blog)

Sept. 1 Introduction, plans, make a few samples, have some fun.

Sept. 8 Paint a Background Layer with Seta Color, or Dyna Flow,
Materials: fabrics: cotton or silk or silk scarves (this fabric or scarves will become garments next session)
If you want to do the “Dangerous Animals” paint
Additional backgrounds for the animals you want.
Paints, brushes, sponges

Sept. 15 Start to Layer onto the backgrounds painted last week
Materials: stamps, stencils, silk screens, rubbing plates
Paint, printing inks oil sticks, squeegee, roller, etc.

I will bring the Thermofax if you want a few new screens bring
your copies ($5.50 per 8” X 10” screen) Duct Tape

Bring your blank silk screen to prepare for “Breakdown Printing”
Let me know if you are going to use cotton or silk

Sept 22 “Breakdown Printing”
Materials: fabric or scarves tee shirt or sweat shirt
Prepared screen squeegee or 3” wide foam brush
You will set the printing at home according to the kind of dye you use.
If you are using cotton bring some sheet plastic and a garbage bag.

Sept. 29 Layering the Breakdown Prints
Materials: what you printed
Stencils, stamps, silk screens, etc.
Paints, printing inks, oil sticks, etc.

Oct. 6 You may continue with what you have been doing or try this:
Screen printing organza
Materials: Silk Organza, cotton duck to lay under the organza
Silk screens, paint, printing ink etc.
I would like to try discharging a light or dark color of organza first
and then over printing the fabric. Joan Knight got great results last time.
This fabric will be sewn into garments next session.

Oct. 13 You may continue with what you have been doing or try this:
Glue stick Appliqué I have made patterns of my “Dangerous Animals” Quilt and many have asked to do these as a quilt or
Wall Hangings.
Materials: white cotton
Batik scraps or hand dyed scraps for the animals
Glue stick, pencil, small sharp scissors, paper scissors

Oct. 20 Continue Glue stick Appliqué or your choice of technique
Materials: painted background for animals, water erasable pen
Glue stick, fabric scraps sharp scissors, paper scissors.

Oct. 27 No Class I’ll be headed for Houston
Nov 3 No Class still in Houston

Nov. 10 Layered Silk Painting
Materials: Stretcher bars push pins or prepared frame with elastic and pins
Silk fabric or scarves fabric will be sewn into garments next session
Silk screens, and/or stencils if you want to add resist in a design
Foam brushes 1” and 2” regular paint brushes

Nov. 17 Continue Layered Silk Painting
Materials: Same as above

Happy Thanksgiving

Get ready to sew great artful garments!