Friday, April 1, 2016

What have I done lately?

The theroy was that without the class to get ready for I would have more time to do my own art.  Well, the reality is without the class I was doing nothing!  That is until I realized I had a challenge for Surface Art Association to get done before the April meeting.  The title of the challenge is "Branching Out"
That is pretty broad so I decided to do something I almost never do and that is an art quilt of political commentary.  That is my way of "Branching Out"

 This is a more detail view
This is the wider view of the unfinished quilt.  It is silk painting and photos printed on fabric and appliqu├ęd onto the silk.  The title is "Crisis"  and it is about the situation in the world and the refugee problem that we are facing with something like 16 million displaced persons.  I will finish the quilting and binding today I hope.