Saturday, July 21, 2012


Do you remember "Doodling"?  Well, I decided to make a queen size quilt using the technique.  While I was at Lisa's I did all the quilting on 11 sections.  I will put them together in a "quilt as you go" method using colored strips around the blocks to tie it all together and to hold it all together.  I'm excited about putting it together when I return from Santa Fe.
I have spent the past week working on the things I will be teaching for SPIN (Silk Painters International).  I have packed my bags, but I keep remembering things I forgot to put in.  Hopefully I will have everything I need when I get there.
As soon as I get back from there it is the BIG family reunion.  My daughters have been so great to help put it all together.  I will post photos when it is over.  We are doing a pirate theme and Sara has outdone herself making great labels for loot bags, flags, name tags, and such.
No date yet for the knee replacement, but in the meantime I just keep hobbling along.  I am trying to think of something new for us all to do when I am back in commission.  In the meantime I am trying to follow doctors orders.