Saturday, January 29, 2011

It FELT good

Above are photos of some of the wonderful fabrics Annie Murray brings to show and tell. We love it!
Also Myrna has dazzeled us with her creations. The photo isn't so good but the coat with the felted silk scarf was wonderful.
We had a great time felting silk scarves. I'm expecting good things for show and tell at the next class.
I have been off baby sitting so much I didn't get anything done this week, but maybe next will be more productive.

I was interviewed by a friend for her blog check it out. She is featuring people who have made a career change in the middle of their living. That's what I did for sure.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

No class on the 19th

But look what's happening when we return on the 26th.
We will be doing some felting on silk chiffon. This scarf looks really great, and is easy to do.
Here are the supplies to bring and make your own, while it is still scarf weather.

Felted Chiffon Scarves Diane Ricks

Silk chiffon (hand dyed preferred) 3/4 to 1 yard
Wool roving
Sewing Machine
Shirring foot for sewing machine, sometimes called gathering foot
Thread to match chiffon
Clover felting tool and felting brush or block of poly foam
Felting Foot or Embellishing Machine (Optional, but makes everything faster and tighter)
Sheet plastic. pieces of string. and panty hose legs
Old pillowcase
Spray bottle

Don't bring these to class, use them at home
Clothes Dryer
2 or 3 tennis balls or tightly rolled socks

Sunday, January 9, 2011

More Upside Down and Backwards

bring your sewing supplies we have more techniques to try.

I got new furniture

I have been keeping company (aka baby sitting),with my 15 tear old grandson while his parents were away. So when my new furnitre arrived on Friday I just ran home to welcome the delivery guys. I am so excited, but have not had the time to do much but admire it so far. The other photo is my firplace re-do. Now I can quit wondering and worrying about how it is all going to look. I love the look! Now I will get back to busy on class projects and such.