Friday, April 26, 2013

Marbling for 2 Weeks

We will be marbling on fabric or paper if you wish on Wednesday and also the next week.
Remember to pre-Alum your fabrics or paper BEFORE CLASS and cut the pieces to the size of the bin you will be using.

 These are marbled fabrics drying on newsprint.
 This is marbling over the top of a failed silk painting.  It is now something wonderful.  Think what you have that has been painted or dyed and could use something else.
This is two layers of marbling on white fabric.  One layer was swirled the second was not.  I love the complex effect.
I don't think I put eyedroppers on the list.  You will need one for each color of paint you use.  You will have two weeks so you can over dye the second week if you want.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Coming Events

I have been working on a piece for a show coming up this summer.  I don't know how to get the photos in sequence order so bear with me.

 This is the detail of the finished piece.  Silk painting with gutta resist, but I colored some of the gutta pink some is gold and some is clear (white).  I'm thrilled with the results I got on the jellyfish floaty stuff under the umbrella part.  I free motion quilted the jellyfish, but not the water background.  Since it will never be washed it really didn't need lots of quilting.  The tentacles are free flying strings and threads.
 This is the painting and a few of the applique pieces started.
 a detail before I had quilted and added the threads.
This is the finished piece.  It is 15.5" wide 34" long.  I stretched it over wood framing and made it ready to hang as a painting rather than as a quilt this time.  I was really into this painting and had such fun creating it.  It was inspired by a photo I had taken at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  I hope they like it and accept it for the show.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


I finished some paintings this past week.  I think I may even get something framed.

 My grandkids critique of this one is "Grapes aren't blue grandma".   I did point out that these grapes were all kinds of colors.  Blue, purple, and green.  They were not really convinced I was right; however they did recognize that they were grapes.  That has got to be progress.
 I think I will frame this one.  It can hang on my wall and remind me of a wonderful day on the Isle of Capri.  Painting in Italy was a wonderful adventure.  Painting from my photographs helps to make it last on and on.
In class we will continue to discharge color so I had extra time.  I probably should have hit a few more Wal Mart's for color remover, but we'll get by with what we have left.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Twist and Shout Success

 A few results of last weeks Twist and Shout.  The silk chiffon was twisted and tied, injected, dripped and dipped in dye and set in the microwave.  So easy but such great results.

This is the finished shirt I did with the Splish Splash fabric.  It just wasn't enough with the background only so I free hand painted it with very pale thickened dye.   The pattern is Diane Erickson "Tori Shirt"  It is a favorite of mine.  There are several variations, but this camp style shirt is going to be great for the summer.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Discharge Pots

We will be taking color out of fabric this Wednesday.  I will set up the discharge Pots in the patio and you can twist and tie your dark fabric and remove some color, then next week put some other colors back in if you wish.  
Bring dark color fabric and see what happens.

Show and Share

 We are seeing clothes that will be ready for the fashion show.  Hooray!

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Purses are still coming in.  They really look good.
 Even when the silk fell in the water it came out looking like a Monet.  It's all good.
 Can you believe these next two scarves are made by transferring the die from old silk ties to new white silk scarves?  It is the hot new thing, but who figures these things out in the first place?  So creative.

 Splish Splash results.  The colors of the Grand Canyon turned out great on this fabric.
 Three scarves, three different looks.  Anything is possible when you are into the dye pots.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Twist and Shout

We will be using the same dye as last week, but this time we will set it with the microwave oven.
Bring 3 yards of silk chiffon and see what amazing patterns you can get with a few twists, turns and rubber bands.  Because the silk chiffon is not dense you can set the full 3 yards in the microwave with very good results.  
If you wish to continue with Splish-Splash or gutta resist please do.  I know we have been moving fast for some of you new students, but do what you are comfortable with and at the pace that you can enjoy it.  I just want you to see some of the possibilities with silk and dye.  


We had a great time painting and then making these adorable silk purses, and the results speak for themselves.  So cute!