Thursday, January 30, 2014

We are sewing

 Myrna finished this wonderful "Feathery Frays" coat.  It is perfect with the ethnic fabric she had purchased on a trip to Asia.  Love it!
Other things were finished as well, but I didn't have my camera and Su;san sent the photos to me.  Thank you, Susan.  I loved all of you who made the floating jacket without any written instructions, but you are a visual learning group aren't you?  I hope some of the rest of you will try it  (now you have directions)  it is too easy not to whip it up.

We have moved onto ribbon jackets and scarves on wash away stabilizer.  I will try and remember my camera next Wednesday so I can take a few photos.  I am looking forward to your results.
We will be doing just a few hem and edge finishes for samples, then continue working on your projects.  I know most of you can get more done at home than in class, but be sure and ask me if you have any questions before you go home.  I am sewing up a storm also.  Today I am going to try out the pattern for the top I knocked off last week.  I'll let you know how it works and any tricks in the sewing.

Friday, January 24, 2014

We Have Feathered and Frayed

This is the result of my "Feathery Frays'.  Actually I finished two vests, the other one was upstairs and I was downstairs with the camera.

 I hope all of you are working on your garments as well.  I have seen a few really nice results keep sewing.  This is our last show as a class.
Next Wednesday we will start on the ribbon jackets and scarves.  I am bringing materials to make a small sample of both techniques.  You will need to bring sewing machines with a quilting bar if you have one, scissors, a ruler with 45 degree mark, chalk marker, and a pencil.  We should not spend too much time on the samples so bring your ribbon jacket or scarf supplies to work with also.

Cut out your pattern pieces and draw with the pencil or chalk around them onto the organza or what ever you are using as a base fabric.  Cut out with at least 1 to 1 1/2" around the pattern shape.  You will work on blocks of fabric before you cut out the garment pieces.  Try and have all the pattern pieces prepared this way.   If there are darts mark and sew them into the base fabric.  The ribbon is bias cut so it will flow over any darts.  If you are using chiffon as your base cut out the blocks and then spray starch them a couple of times to give them more stability for sewing on the ribbons.  The starch goes away as you work on the garment.

The ribbons you ordered were so pretty I can't wait to see the garments.

If you are doing the scarf bring a pencil and a ruler.  I am bringing everyone a scarf size strip of Aqua Magic  (8" x 60")  whether you are planning to do a scarf now or not.  But you will make the sample so you will know how if you do make a scarf or garment.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Feathery Frays

I  have started my panel for a "Feathery Frays" vest.  I hope you have started on your's as well.  On Wednesday we will be working on putting the garments together and I will demonstrate a few tips for making it easy and finished looking. 

 This is 18" wide by 36" long.  I divided it in half so I could have left and right panels for a vest.  There will be some left over which I hope to use on the back.  One side is stitched and one is cut.
Here are the "Kissing" panels presses and brushed.  They still need trimming and neatening.  Then I will cut the panels out.

The Silk hand dyed ribbon just arrived.  I will be sending out e-mails as soon as I get it sorted into your orders.  Some substitutes had to be made, but it all looks good.  I will bring it Wednesday, if you have your base fabric bring it so we can check the colors just in case they don't work.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Class is Open

For those wishing to make a ribbon jacket we ordered the ribbon today.  If you missed today and still want ribbon contact me ASAP and I will tell you what to do.  We want to start the jackets or vests on Feb 5 so we have to order right away.

Example of ribbon jacket
 Next week we will do samples of "Feathery Frays" and start on a garment using the technique.
This list of thing to bring is below on the schedule.


Week 1   Jan 8          Planning and Playing
ordering Hanah Silk Ribbon 

Week 2     Jan. 15 Feathery Frays Sample

Bring: sewing machine 
          thread rotary cutter
small sharp scissors cutting board
ruler with 45 degree mark
chalk marker
stiff nail brush
Silk Dupoini if you are making a garment

Week 3   Jan 22 Work on Feathery Frays Garment 
or  Work on own project

Week 4   Jan 29        Ribbon Jacket  Demo
Work on Ribbon Jacket  or own project

Week 5    Feb  5 Demo and Sample making
Continue work on projects

Week 6    Feb 12                 Show Lineup   Bring what you will be showing
finished or not.
continue finishing work on projects


Week 7    Feb  19 Field Trip to FIDM and LA

Week 8   Feb 26 Special techniques class   
Bring Sewing Machines etc.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Time to get going again.

Almost time to start a new session.  But there are a few things to consider first.

WHAT?       WHY ?          HOW?

WHY?   The WAC Fashion Show is coming on February 15th and we (I ) want a good showing.

WHY?    It is fun to sew and wear wearable art.  

WHAT?   What fabric do you have that you want to work with?       BRING IT ON WEDNESDAY

WHAT?   What Garments do you want to make?  
                                     IF YOU HAVE AN IDEA OR PATTERN BRING IT.

 Almost everyone probably has chiffon they haven't sewn yet.

 How about those marbled pieces?  What can we do with them?
Scrunch and run, painted, or parfait let's sew it up.

HOW?      That is a question with lots of possibilities and techniques.
                  I will bring some boards for us to choose things we want may to use and do.

Plus I have found a few new techniques we have never tried.

Several students have asked to make the Silk Ribbon Jacket  and also learn the Feathery Frays technique.  Some know it, but it has been a long time since we did it, so a re-visit is good.


Sad News

If you had not heard our dear friend and fellow student Julia Beers passed away.
Julia was the most enthusiastic student and always positive as she battled her way through cancer and chemo.  She always started big and bold and often with the help of Pat Congelton turned disaster into
success.  We will always have a spot in our heart for Julia, and we will miss her.