Sunday, December 27, 2015

New Class

A new class begins Wednesday  January 6, 2016.   10 am to 2 pm  at the Hughes Center in Claremont
We will do some "Ice Dyeing" with an addition.   We will use soy wax to make resist patterns on the fabric before we dye it.  I saw it on the blog  "Then we Set it on Fire"  they look interesting.

I have received the soy wax, but will be gone again for a few days so will try the technique out when I get back home.   I will bring Soda Ash infused fabric (1yard of cotton) for each of you, but if you want to do more pre-soak, line dry and gently iron some cotton or linen fabric.  On the second class we will do the ice dyeing.  

My daughter is picking me up in a few minutes to go to the rest of the Holiday skiing in Utah so I'm short on time.  I will post again after I try the process before class.  (I hope)!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Last class this session

We were few in numbers, but we had a productive day in class today.
 Melanie shared the microwave dyeing she had done at the last class.  She then did more today, but I didn't get any photos.  Sorry!

 Awhile back we painted some birds.  I had seen an old kimono which had free motion embroidery over the top of a painted image so I tried it on the birds.  The advantage is there is no white to cover; because the paint underneath fills in for you.
 This is a detail of the birds.  I used a variegated thread for the feathers.  It is not really dense stitching but enough to give the effect of embroidery.
 These are bracelets made from strips of failed dyeing and painting. or silk ribbon.  They are built onto a base of cording. and the shine comes from a coat of clear polymer acrylic.  They are actually kind of cute worn as a group of bangles and they are quiet.  No "Jangling"

This is a Seta Color sun print, in the process.  After it was dry and ironed it looked really fun.  I can't wait to embellish, draw on, and quilt it during the holidays (if I have time).  Sun prints are so mysterious.

The next class session starts on January 6th.  It goes for 6 classes until February 17.  (January 20 is off while I go to Hawaii for a few days with my daughters.  That will be my last teaching at the Hughes Center.
If you are planning to take the class get signed up and then check the blog in a couple of weeks for the supply list and the schedule of events.  I have a couple of plans that I need to work on to see if they work.  Hope to see you next year.