Sunday, February 16, 2014

Field Trip

The Fashion Show was wonderful!  Thank you Ladies you were wonderful, and I appreciate so much all the work you put into the beautiful garments that you showed.  Now we will play this week.

Our annual Field Trip to FIDM       We will meet at 10:30 at the museum entrance.  That should give you some time to shop at the student store if you wish before we see the exhibit.  Look for black or dark cotton, rayon or silk to discharge in the next session.

See you Wednesday.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fashion Show

We are ready for the Fashion Show.  It is always so exciting to see what has been done by you talented ladies.  We will be a hit on Saturday at the WEARABLE ART CONNECTION Fashion Show.

This is the line up.  I will have it posted in several places in the dressing room (kitchen)

Myrna Grey wool Suit
Leslie Splish Splash Shirt
Audrey Black & White blouse and Vest
Rachel Tranquil Site Top
Melanie Turquoise Cotton Shirt
Shirley Quilted Jacket
Carolee Red and Charcoal Jacket
Kristina Black & White Top
Midge Grey Kimono top
Pat Feathery Frays
Karen 2 Scarf top
Audrey Rainbow Ribbons
Rachel Feathery Frays
Leslie Feathery Frays 
Myrna Turkish Coat
Melanie for Annie Black Chiffon Vest
Midge for Diane Lime Green Shirt
Kristina Skirt & hat
Pat Chiffon Cacoonish top
Roslyn for Annie Short Chiffon Vest
Shirley Chiffon Jacket
Susan Feathery Frays
Rachel for Myrna Red Vest
Myrna Man’s Jacket top
Leslie for Annie Kimono Jacket
Karen Feathery Frays
Midge for Diane White Linen Shirt
Amelia Quilting Class Dresses
Pat for Diane Purple Chiffon top
Rosalyn for Annie Short Black silk cover up
Melanie for Audrey Green Cacoonish Top and Scarf
Kristina Orange and Purple
Myrna Feathery Frays
Carolee Green and Gold Top
Judy Black and Red Feathery Frays
Audrey Patches of Silk
Leslie Ribbon Jacket
Karen Turquoise Vest
Pat Ikat Vest
Midge for Diane Pink Feathery Frays
Myrna Ribbon Jacket
Rachel for Audrey Black and White Feathery Frays
Amelia Tangled Dress-up
Carolee Black Shawl w/tie
Rosalyn for Annie Long CHiffon
Karen Dress
Leslie for Diane Black and White Chiffon
Pat Ribbon Jacket
Audrey Silk Koi Fish
Myrna Orange and Purple 2 pc.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Bring your Clothes

Be sure and bring what you are showing for the WAC Fashion Show.

I need to do the show order and the write up for the garments finished or not.