Saturday, August 16, 2014

Next Class Coming Soon

Collage Vest
I am getting ready for class to start.  How about YOU?
They will start registration next week.  
Class starts Wednesday September 10
10 am to 2 pm bring a sack lunch
You will need fabrics to cut up
1 1/2 yards to sew the fabrics to (this will also be the lining)
scissors, pins, Sulky Solvy is great for holding it all together while you sew.

If you don't want to bring your sewing machine you can prepare the collage and sew at home.

While in Santa Fe I had a chance to visit with Kayla Kennington and see some of her wonderful Collage garments.  It was very inspiring and gave me lots of ideas to share with you.

 We will be making a collage vest using our collection of fabrics with a common theme.
 Here is an example of one I did with a lot of accumulated sea things, most of which were left over from other projects.

This one has an Asian theme which began from a scarf and then a few fabrics.

 At WAC I had purchased a couple of things that had embroidery on them, but the surrounding fabric was falling apart.  I cut out the embroideries and used some on a project and has some stuff left over.
 This one is not finished, but it is an example of themed fabrics.   I have heard that some of you have not finished your vests since the last time we did this.  If that is you come and finish and it will look like you are ahead of the class.