Saturday, October 24, 2015

New Class starts October 28

 These birds are brush painted with thickened dye on silk.  Line work is done with a gutta bottle

This fish is painted on silk with thickened dye and appliqu├ęd to the painted cotton background and then quilted.


In Silk Painting I you were introduced to the use of Silk Paints and gutta resist.  We did several sample techniques for getting different effects.  This session we will be expanding our knowledge of using these versatile paints but doing several new sample techniques.  

Your lab fee will supply 1 yard of silk fabric which you will divide to make the various samples.  If you wish to bring more fabric for larger or additional samples please do so.
Week 2 you can also use cotton for additional samples if you wish.  I will supply the acid dye for Microwave dyeing.  I will also bring sun images, stamps, stencils and silk screens for your use.  

Week 1__Oct 28____     Using thickened dyes (paints) for free form and brush painting.   Sample # 1 we will freely brush on the thickened dye and then detail after it has dried.  In Sample # 2 we will brush paint a specific design.  You will need a frame at least 20” X 24”, tacks or clips brushes.   

Week 2__Nov 4_________ Seta Color or Dyna Flow background with sun images
(Hope the sun is shining) painting, or applying stamped, stenciled or painted images to the sun printed surface.  

Week # 3__Nov 11________ Microwave dyeing the background and stamp, stencil,or screen print images over the dyed   
background. If you have favorite stamps, screens or stencils bring them.  

Week # 4__Nov18_________Introduction to using your original designs to have yardage digitally printed.  
Since we will be making samples of a smaller size you may want to have yardage made for a larger project.  There are many online companies that do this.  I will show you how you can create and upload your work to have it printed.

Please check the blog each week for information and if additional instructions or supplies are listed.   Thank you.

Friday, October 16, 2015

One class finished

One class finished and another will start on Oct 28th and go until Nov 18th.

The photos below are student Janet Castro's work
 Each of these samples taught a different painting technique.  Janet's samples are better than mine by a long shot.  Each of her samples are a small masterpiece.  What fun!  These Leaves were the way to paint without showing gutta lines around the outside of the forms (leaves).
 Take a look at the leaves.  They have vines without putting in gutta lines.  A little trick I discovered while trying to achieve something else.  Love this flower.
 These pears were a study in shading with the water and the paints.  Plus we used salt for texture ,
 The water and the spotty texture of the fish was our lesson on this sample.

Everything was on a 22" square of silk
Next session, which starts on Oct 28th we will be learning some techniques which combine the use of liquid and thickened dye, also some stamps and screen printing.  If you haven't had a chance to try your hand at silk painting with the "silk PAINTS" come and share the fun.  We do not have a class this Wednesday Oct 21st.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

New techniques

 This session we have been making samples of new techniques.  This is the one I taught last Wednesday.  It is very effective and I love the results.  First the Design of leaves was drawn onto the silk with a Pilot FriXion Pen.  These pens are so great; because they do not go away with water, but they do erase completely with heat.  Once the design was in place the silk was stretched  onto a frame and then sprayed with water from a spray bottle the background colors were brushed on and let run down the silk.  because the design was already there I could select area to place the colors.  In this example the colors in the background are quite intense.
 After the background was dry I applied the gutta.  I used clear and that is where the magic comes in; because I was using "Seta Silk" and Dyna Flo" Silk paints the background was stable so when I painted over it it did not bleed.  When the painting was finished I heat set it with and iron and washed the gutta out.  Look at the leaves outside edges.  You don't see any white gutta lines because the background is what shows and because it was under neath the top painting there are no gaps of gutta at the outside edges.  There is a gutta line in the inside details.   Pretty cool!
This bird was done with black gutta which was the clear colored with black Dyna-Flo.  When it was heat set and washed the lines stayed really black.
We won;t be meeting next week Oct.7 as I will be off babysitting, but when we are back on Oct 14 we will talk about finishing and ways to display our work.  Everyone did great on the white flowers last time.  I should have taken photos.  Sorry.