Thursday, November 6, 2014


 Erin's scarf is so amazing!  Can you believe that water gave her these great results?

Next week we will talk about finishing our silk paintings.  What are your options?  Actually lots of possibilities are available for you.
 If your piece is small it can become a quilted awl hanging.  Or frame it under glass like a watercolor and you have an art piece, but here is another way to create a frame able art piece.
Get an artists canvas that is just a bit smaller than the painting and we will "glue" it to the canvas.

Things to bring if you want to try this:    
artists canvas either regular 1/2'' or 1 1/2" gallery wrap works well.
a soft 2" brush (the throwaway kind)  I will have a few with me for your use also
an E-Xacto knife with a new blade
I will bring the acrylic medium and the varnish

I will demonstrate in class and you can finish your painting for display that way if you with.  There will be examples of other ways to use your painting as well.

We will have a class on November 19th  just because I am loving this medium.  It is an extra class for free.  I hope you have enjoyed the class.  The next one will be "Silk Painting II Beyond the Basics"
It will start on January 7,  2015.   We will be working on bigger projects or doing yardage for a garment.  Same techniques plus a few more bells and whistles added.