Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm back...

...from baby sitting that is. Sara and Kit went to Park City, Utah for 4 days. Sara to a blogging conference, and Kit to fish. I was with the 4 kids in San Clemente. A friend of mine tells me I am an unusual grandma to baby sit for long periods at a time.
I get to know the kids that way. This time rather than have them all pile in bed with me I put them in their parents bed and I slept in the girls room ALONE! It worked out great they were happy and so was I.

Now that I am home again I'm ready to get going on projects that have been delayed.
1. finish the flower wall quilt
2. get things packed to go to Long Beach
3. Make another "Art Quilt" of a trip to Northern Calif.
4. Do a couple of paintings to quilt so I will be ready in September
5. get things packed for American Sewing Guild classes in August
6. Work on a few new ideas
7. Enjoy the summer!

Friday, July 1, 2011

It's Summer Time

Photo class has been such fun this year. This is one of my grandsons enjoying the waves. It will be called "Surfs Up" I just finished it last night and haven't re photographed it so here it is a work in progress.
Several of the ladies were working on wonderful quilts. They have promised to send photos of finished work so I can share them with the rest of you.

We will be off for the rest of the summer, but don't forget I am teaching at Ginger's and Upland Sewing so come and take a class if you are missing me. We will start again at The Hughes Center in September. I will keep you informed about that later.

Gotta go to my "studio" and work on this wall quilt. Done from a photo, same technique as the oranges, but much bigger.

Have a Great 4th of July.