Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Silk Painting

Silk Painting Class  is Coming  

Six weeks of class beginning Oct 8 to Nov 12      10 to 2
bring a sack lunch

Fee $75  plus $20 for shared supplies which include use of paints and dyes for samples and learning techniques.  Other supplies will be available for purchase or to order in class.

I have some new ways to use silk paints that do not require steaming to set.  There will also be some traditional methods and techniques.

Location:  Alexander Hughes Community Center
1700 Danbury Street
Claremont, CA 91711

phone: 909-399-5490  recreation classes

I am really excited about using silk paint in the gutta resist method.  It has some real advantages not the least being you do not have to steam set!!!!

Below are a few examples of the things I have been practicing on.  
Come to the first class with a  couple of brushes, a set of stretcher  bars (I have several extras if you don't have any yet), and sample the different paints and dyes to see what you like best.  I will bring fabric, and the other supplies for making the samples.  Some of you have already bought Seta Silk so that is good too.

The colors are brilliant and they flow and glow.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sewing along

Last week Myrna came in with a finished jacket.  It was inspired by some scraps of sashiko brought in by Annie for "Give Away".   A curtain, a scrap here and there and Myrna had created a treasure.

 We were all taken by this lovely garment put together by Myrna.  So inspiring.
 Melanie brought in a real Rosemary Eichorn vest she has and we were able to admire that.  Now we just have to put our own creations together with all the inspiration we had it should be easy.  Ha! ha!
This Wednesday we will talk about some embellishing techniques.  
Bring a hoop that will fit under your presser foot and the free motion foot for your machine.  I will bring the rest.   Only two more classes in this session I hope we can get these vests finished.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Class begins Wednesday

I'm looking forward to being back in class.  I have missed all of you this summer.

 I started rummaging through my left overs, failures, and bits and pieces and there I found a silk piece I had worked on as a demo piece.  It had leaves on it so I cut out some of the leaves and then I found more leafy like fabric in the stash and started laying them out.  It will work!  I also found a piece of silk upon which I had done a bit of shibori It was an ugly color and I had discarded it into the scrap box.
 I pulled it out, ironed it and drew a Japanese man in gutta onto the side with the least shibori then I painted it in with Seta Silk paint.   to glance him I put in a tree.

The piece was then glued to a purchased stretched canvas with Acrylic Medium and glazed with acrylic matte varnish.  It is a really cool way to turn a silk painting into a wall piece.  This needs further exploration.  I love the under pattern and will look for more things to paint over.  Since everything is transparent it lets the under painting show through giving continuity to the whole.

I have to send in information for my next class offering.  Maybe Intermediate to Advanced silk painting techniques would be fun to pursue in a more Open Studio style.  Give me your thoughts.