Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bear in the Woods

I just finished this quilt and love it! You will see it on Wednesday.
Be sure and scroll down to see the posts of the things we did in class.
Let's have another great day of dye.

Layered Silk

These are the results I got from layered silk painting. They looked like a mess before steam setting and washing them out. Once they were washed and ironed they were really very lovely. I was experimenting with colors I usually do not use that much. I have gone on to create enough fabric to make something with these very stunning colors. I'll show you the results next time. We will be doing this same techinque again on Wednesday so you might want to add some silk screens for interest and texture. See you then.

We twisted and shouted WOW!

These are a few of the results of our "Twist and Shout" day. They are really amazing. I love the colors and the variety the ladies come up with. Now on to Layered Silk Painting.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another Grandkid Quilt finished

This is for Trey. He wanted pirates and in a way it is. The back is pirate print fabric, but I figured he would grow up and this will be the only quilt I will make him (I still have 14 to go) so the pirate ship, treasure chest, Jolly Roger, and various denezins of the deep are in the quilting.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


As you can see our day of "flying dye" was very successful. I love the stacks of colored fabrics.
Next we will do some ftechniques with acid dye for silk.
Bring silk, stretcher bars, and more chiffon if you want to continue "Twist and Shout"
See you.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


It is called TWIST and SHOUT; because we will twist silk chiffon and then shout WOW! when we see the results.
get ready for some amazing results.


Dye was flying in all directions. Some groups were doing a 24 step process,( anxious to see the results. ) Some tub dyeing low immersion method. And splish and Splash. Show and tell should be great!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

What are we going to do next week?

That is the question I so often hear. Well, it is up to you to deciede what you want to do. There are several choices.
I will bring the Procion Dye and from there the choice will be yours.
If you like to work in a group 3-4 you can do a 24 step set of gradation dyed 1/2 or 1/4 yard cotton pieces.
If you want a smaller project bring a few yards of cotton and a plastic bin with a lid and do low water immerision.
If you stitch or tie some fabric in patterns you can shibori dye it.
Or lay out a sheet of plastic and "splish and splash" the dye on.
There are several options. See you Wednesday in your rubber gloves.

New Session has began

Here we go again. Show and Tell was great the very first day as you can see. We have a full class and will be doing a variety of techniques. Some old and a few new. I am posting the schedule.
Spring 2010

Painting, Dyeing and Discharging Fabrics

3/3 Introduction and Demonstrations

3/10 Procion tray dyeing BRING YOUR FISH QUILTS
materials needed: FOR GLENDALE QUILT SHOW
cotton or rayon fabric pre-washed
plastic bins with lids shiboir techniques:
rubber gloves PVC pipes
string or needle and heavy thread
3/17 Twisted Chiffon
3 yards silk chiffon electric drill

3/24 Layered Silk Painting
materials needed:
stretcher bars 36”X36” or long scarf sizes
silk fabric or scarves
clear gutta
3” foam brush
3/31 Layered Silk Painting continues


4/14 Seta Color or Dynaflow paint
Materials needed:
Silk or cotton fabrics
Opaque items
Order the paints from Dharma Trading Company

4/21 Seta Color or Dynaflow continues

4/28 Discharge (removing dye from fabric)
dark fabrics old CD’s
string wood blocks
PVC pipe

5/5 Discharge continues

5/17 Breakdown Printing
blank silk screen
fabric to print on