Saturday, September 19, 2015

Moving along

 Last week this flower did not have a background.  We learned how to paint a smooth solid background by putting water on the area to paint and keeping a clear water leading edge as we painted in the color.
Then we went onto a "Spot and Dot" technique to give a textured look to our fish.  Many student fish looked better than mine.  I will get photos of student work to post next week.
 This little fishy needed a watery looking background so we worked on a technique which made it look like the shimmer of water.  The fish below is also a water background.
Next week we will be working on shading, leaves, and flowers to give them depth and dimension plus using salt and other chemicls on the background for interest.  Bring your flower and bird already guttaed and ironed to save time for painting.  See you Wednesday.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

`Class Notes

We started a very simple painting last week so bring it back and we will put in the background.
I also hope you are finding inspiration for what you want to paint for yourself.

Get your fish onto your silk and put on the gutta so it will be dry. That will save you time on Wednesday.  We will be doing a "spot and dot" texturing technique to work the fish and sea urchin.
Then you can move onto your project.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Time for Class

Class starts next Wednesday September 9 at 10 am.
I hope you are coming.
We will be doing silk painting with Seta Silk and Dyna-Flo

Here is what you will need:  If you have taken classes before bring your paints, brushes and stretcher frame.  If you are new to class her's how it will go:  I will bring everyone a 27" X 27" square of silk for trying the sample techniques.  I will also have paint and brushes for you to use.  I have some frames for use by those who do not have them yet.  Your $20 supply fee covers patterns, palette, gutta and a few other things.

In class I will show you the things you will need and where to get them.