Friday, November 15, 2013


I got an e-mail from Hoffman Textiles.  They had charged me for someone else's shipping so they are refunding money to my credit card account.  It means a return of about $10 per bolt back to you.

If you are not in class on Wednesday I will send it to you.  I knew there was something wrong with the shipping costs!
This is the Dior Rose, we will paint the satin in your favorite rose color and then put it together.
I will bring each of you a kit to make one rose and the dye (Jacquard Green Label)  to color the fabric.  You need to bring scissors, a few pins and a needle and thimble.

All the paints we have been using are still available in the room if you want to continue working with them.  I just thought that something new might be fun for the last day.  See you Wednesday.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sun Prints

I had some time on Saturday to put Seta Color onto fabric and make some sun prints.
Several years ago I had printed sun prints of blue and white and used the fabric to make a quilt 
called "Rice Bowls"  by Kaffe Fassett,  I always liked the quilt and said "someday I will make another
quilt like that since I had given the first one away.  Now I have made fabric and can get going on another "Rice Bowls" quilt.

 I used some square plastic stencils for the sun prints on the right and lower row.  The top left are nuts they were tall enough to make a shadow.
 Washers and popsicle sticks made the images above.
 I folded the wet fabric in pleats to get the stripes.
 These are toothpicks and twists

The bolts of PFD Cotton are here.  I will bring them Wednesday see the last post for more details on the cost.

Friday, November 8, 2013

The PFD Cotton Arrived

The PFD Cotton order arrived.

They are bolts of 16 yards at $4.88 per yard   $78.08
                                                        tax               6.25

Shipping was $429 can you believe it?
Divided by 27 bolts comes to                           15.88  per bolt
                                                              $100.22   per bolt

I will bring the bolts to class next Wednesday you bring your cash or checks.

I checked the retail prices and it varied from $7.00 to $9.00 for the quality we are getting.  On the Internet it still cost $15-$19 for shipping a bolt.

We dabbled in Sun Prints on Wednesday.. THis is a wall hanging I took a photo of using either freezer paper or sticky self liner for the mask.  I hope you are making a plan of what you will be doing on Wednesday.  I have a couple of demos to do, but then you will be using paint to make fabric.