Friday, November 30, 2012

Here is the PLAN

I have been laying around, (in pain) thinking about what the next class in Claremont will be.  They advertised it as "Painting with Thickened Dyes" and that will be there, but with a few twists as well.

I have always liked these jackets from the Fiber Arts Book.  They are procion dye painted onto linen using wax resist.  They were the inspiration; however I hate to work with wax so I am going with water resist instead.  Then I saw an episode of Quilting Arts where a woman was getting similar effects with  procion dyes, water based Presist, and a second thickened dye layer.  I want to try that.

Here is what you will need to bring to class.
3 yards of PFD Cotton
a shirt pattern
a water or heat erase marker
a roll of plastic
a plastic bin
a few zip lock bags
and scissors
We will do low water immersion dyeing for a lighter first layer of color on our fabric.  The next week we will paint, screen print, or stencil on a Presist design and when it is dry paint over it with thickened dye.  Remember the dyes are transparent and this will change the first color.  Then that is processed in the plastic and we can then remove color, or add more as needed until we have a great print to make a shirt from.  We will then spend a few weeks sewing a shirt with interesting details.
Are you in?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I could post a photo of my big incision, but in the oppion of my grand daughters "I't's gross", so I will spare you that view.
I am recovering well, I am up using the walker and have been able to go upstairs to sleep in my own bed.   That alone is heavenly.  The physical therapist says I am doing great,  I just have to keep up the painful process of exercising the very stiff and painful knee until it accepts working with me.
Thank you for all the get well wishes and prayers in my behalf.  I am on the way back!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Tomorrow is the day of my surgery.  I am a bit nervous, but determined to get it over with and back to teaching and enjoying life pain free.
I have been stock piling hand work on a few things to do while I recuperate so have not finished anything lately.

I have three quilts which will be at the Ontario History Museum for a show beginning Dec 6 through January.  225 Euclid Ave.  Ontario.  Here a photos of two, I couldn't find the photo of the third.  You will just have to go and see the exhibit to find out what it is.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Surgery November 8

My surgery date is set for next Thursday,  November 8.  That is as long as I don't catch cold, get the flu, get cut, abraded, a rash or anything else between now and then.
I better stay close to home.  OH DEAR I forgot,  'most accidents occur in the home'  Well I will just hope for the best,  I want this over so I can go on with my life.
By the week after Thanksgiving I should be doing pretty good so come for a visit.