Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This is the necklace I bought myself for Christmas
 I went to the bead show in Pasadena and purchased a few silver hearts and rose quartz and crystal beads and made this necklace on Sunday afternoon.  Plus earrings to go with the necklace.  I think it turned out well.  It was just something fun to see if I could do it.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Costa Rica was Awesome

 That's me on a Zip line zooming through the trees with the monkeys
 Sunset over the Pacific
 The view of the Arenal Volcano as seen from our balcony.
The river in the jungle we swam in.  So much fun and adventure.
Lots of inspiration for painting and sewing creative garments.

Now it is back to class.

Feb 1 Wing Needle and Double Needle 
Demo:  Using specialty needles 
Supplies:  Sewing machine,  wing needle, double needle 2.5 to 4.00 spacing between needles.
                Pin tuck or high groove foot,  regular size 40-50  white thread also white embroidery, lingerie or invisifil size 60 -     100. hoop,            
                1 yard gathered lace, optional: lace and ribbon scraps.
Look for:  Cotton batiste or cotton organdy if you want to make more than 
one heart sachet.
This will also be a special projects day.  You may make a heart sachet ` using the techniques taught.     Valentines day is approaching.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Threaded Trapunto Coming

On Wednesday we will be exploring "Threaded Trapunto" The photos show the outsides and the middle photo is the inside of the vest I am working on using the technique.
Bring your sewing machine, free motion foot, and a large eye blunt needle to make the sample.

We will also do silk ribbon flower buds.  You will need a hoop and machine embroidery thread for that technique.

Did you get your scrappy purse done?  Bring it for Show and Tell.

I just finished teaching a class on free motion stitching, which I call "Doodling"  It was great fun and the ladies are on their way to some lovely quilted wall art.  They just have to finish!  That seems to be the problem with classes that you can't complete in one or two sessions.  You still have to find time at home to do the work.  The only way anyone gets good at anything is "Doing It!"  So keep on keeping on.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Scrappy Class

Today I demonstrated 4 ways to use scraps (we all accumulate them)  Large to tiny confetti size there is a use for all of them.  Yes, that means we never throw anything away, but if we then use it that counts as double points.  We all made small bags from our personally chosen color.  Finish the bags at home and bring them back so we can all admire them.

Watercolor Class

My watercolor class began with a new teacher and the first assignment was to paint using just 1 color.
I chose Prussian Blue.  While I was in Utah before Christmas I took a photo of Aspen trees.  It was the inspiration for the painting.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Scrappy Cloth

For those of us with many beautiful scraps the question is  "What can I do with them?"
On Wednesday I will endeavor to answer that question; or at least offer a few suggestions.

Come with your scissors, sewing machine, regular foot, zipper foot, free motion or darning foot, black thread and colored embroidery thread for the machine plus a 7" zipper of your color choice.  Optional bead for the tassel.

 If you have not already chosen a color please send me an e-mail  bobbydi@charter.net and specify blue, red, green, brown, or yellow/orange before Tuesday night so I can have a packet of scraps ready for you.

Show Off our talents

We have the chance to show our painted and quilted canvas at the Glendale Quilt Show.
If you want to show as a group and your painting is NOT in the Hughes Center now please bring the dimensions of your finished painting so we can include it.  I can get the dimensions of the ones that are hanging in the hall on Wed.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Class Schedule

Winter 2012 Sewing for Wearable Art Diane Ricks bobbydi@charter.net home 909/941-0337 cell 909/210-0887 Each week I will present and demonstrate one or more techniques. You can then make a sample of the presented technique(s) in the morning. After lunch you are encouraged to sew on a garment either one of your choice or something using the techniques(s) shown in a previous week. Example: This week we will do seams and next week you could work on a garment using the seam technique taught or work on garment of your choice. There will be some fabric or supplies needed for some techniques that you may need to look for. They will be shown and listed for the dates needed. Jan 4 Seams: Demo: Bound seam, and Slot seam Supplies: Sewing machine, zipper foot, sewing supplies, Look for: thicker fabric upholstery, polar fleece, quilted, etc. for bound seams. Garment fabric and underlay for Slot Seams, Jan 11 Scrappy Cloth 1,2,3,4 Demo: 4 ways to assemble those scraps to make unique garments and accessories. Supplies: Sewing machine, Free motion foot, spool of black thread plus 2 or 3 favorite colors of rayon embroidery thread, 7” zipper to match color of scraps. Look for: Scraps of hand dyed silks, large bead. This will be a special projects day. You may make either a small purse or scarf using a “Scrappy” technique demonstrated. I will bring supplies for the purse base and thread for the tassel you bring the zipper, and the bead. If you want to make the scarf bring ribbons and yarns to go with your scraps. Jan18 Threaded Trapunto and Silk Flower Buds Demo: how to make flower buds from ribbon and free motion stitching. Threaded Trapunto designs Supplies: Sewing Machine, Free motion foot, rayon embroidery thread, embroidery needle for machine, 9” hoop, for flowers large blunt yarn needle for Threaded Trapunto Look for: Upholstery fabric with suitable design for adding flowers. Crepe or crepe backed satin and loosely woven flannel for trapunto. Design to use for trapunto. (Quilting stencils work great) Jan 25 no class I will be in Costa Rica Feb 1 Wing Needle and Double Needle Demo: Using specialty needles Supplies: Sewing machine, wing needle, double needle 2.5 to 4.00 spacing between needles. Pin tuck or high groove foot, regular size 40-50 white thread also white embroidery, lingerie or invisifil size 60 -100. hoop, 1 yard gathered lace, optional: lace and ribbon scraps. Look for: Cotton batiste or cotton organdy if you want to make more than one heart sachet. This will also be a special projects day. You may make a heart sachet ` using the techniques taught. Valentines day is approaching. Feb 8 Metamorphosis Demo: Using collected textiles to make into a garment, Ways to cut, join, repurpose, and embellish for a vest or jacket. You will not make a sample, but I will help you envision your possible projects with the textiles you bring. Supplies: sewing machine and sewing supplies. collected textiles, trims, and such. Look for: something to re-purpose Feb 15 Show line up Bring the garments you will be showing in the WAC Fashion Show on Saturday February 18, THE FASHION SHOW will we held here at the Hughes Center. Sewing Day to finish projects. Feb 22 Field Trip This will be our annual field trip to F.I.D.M. to see the Academy Award garments on display in the Museum. Also a quick trip to downtown. Meet at the Museum at 10:00 am. Carpools will be arranged. Bring a sack lunch. schedule subject to change at teachers whim, but I’ll let you know in advance