Sunday, April 29, 2012

new class starts

Wow!  I have been off for so long I almost forgot that I have a class to teach.  In fact it starts on Wednesday May 2.
We will be microwave dyeing.  The first week will be silk dyes.  I have ordered a bolt of silk chiffon which will be available for purchase at $5 per yard.  I will also bring some fabrics I have part bolts left at various prices per yard.

Week two will be cotton, rayon and linen ( procion dye) those fibers are easy to get so plan on bringing your own fabric.

Week three we will set up the discharge pots in the patio.  You can take out the dye or use black or other dark fabric.

Week four I will bring both kinds of dyes so you can re-color what you took out.

REMEMBER  "It ain't over 'till it's over dyed"

See you Wednesday!

If you didn't see my paintings, take a look one blog back.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Painting Italy

 Here are a few of the paintings I did while in Italy.  The experience was just great and I learned a lot
about painting as well as about Italy.  This is a little beach scene along the Almalfi coast.
 This was in a small hill town and a child came by and told me it really didn't look like that.  I had added the blooming flowers and water in the canal.  I told him it was "artistic license".
 This is a view of the old fort where they watched for pirates in the past.  The houses go straight up the hills.
 In the harbor of Capri this small blue boat, red bicycle and yellow trash can caught my eye.
This is the look of the country side in Northern Italy.  So different than in the southern part.

Monday, April 23, 2012

I have returned again

 My wanderings have just gone on and on.  After 2 days back from Italy I headed for Colorado and the Alegre Art Quilt Retreat.  These are some of the exercises we did in a class called Color and Design.
 This was my design wall after the first 2 days.  Lots of fun and educational as well.
 Theses class color studies were using the lightest colors to the darkest to give perspective.  Love the bright colors.
 working with one color and a accent.
This was a way to determine how much of a specific color was in the "inspiration photo".
Now all I have to do is put it all into use.  Maybe Wednesday I can do something.  Today I was babysitting Ivy and am going to bed early.  Bye!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Italy was Fabulous

 These photos are just a sampling of what I saw.  Every direction was a painting just waiting to be painted.  Little fishing villages along the Amalfi coast were tucked in crevices of the rock cliffs.
 Towns that went straight up the mountainside.  How do you get around?  Climb the stairs.  Hundreds of stairs in fact.
 The entrance to the Blue Grotto on Capri.  I'll tell you getting in and then laying down was nothing compared to getting out again.
The art, carving, and splendor was unreal.
Medieval walled hill towns were great to explore and paint.
Venice was a visual treat.  More photo ops than battery power to last.
Color, color, color.  I loved it.  I will photograph my paintings when I unpack and post them. Now I am off to Colorado and more adventures.  See you later.  I am on overload.