Tuesday, June 17, 2014


 I have been painting a lot to get ready for an upcoming gallery show.
It opens on July 3, 2014 at the Chaffey Community Art Museum    217 Lemon Ave   Ontario, CA

I had to pick a theme and work from there.  I had done this painting after coming back from Cuba and it had a couple of birds and a woman, so that became my theme for the rest of the series.  These are the paintings that will be in the show.

This crow one is a bit moody, but the day I painted it this is kind of how I was feeling.  If you are into Goth it is perfect for you.
The story behind this one is:  We all had to do a self portrait and I loved the skin tone as I painted this and before I knew it, though fully clothed while painting I was nude.  OH DEAR!  I wrapped a length of my signature silk chiffon around the body and there you have it.  I have titled this one.
"Good Grief, It's Grandma!"   No bird in this one just and old chick.

I will send out more details about the show later.  It's been great fun to paint this series, which actually has about 8 finished paintings in it.

Meanwhile the Photo and Quilts class continues.  I will post about it when I get more done on my quilt.