Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I went to painting classes

Last week I went to Pasadena to "ART EXPO" and took a few classes. It was such fun. One class was called "Curious Cows" a title I could not pass up. This is the result of the class. The other class was "Urban Landscape" in watercolor. I have never workded in watercolor before, but loved it. I think I will look for a watercolor class locally to take.
Then I went off to Eureka where I worked with Brooke of Hanah Silk and we dyed 100 yeard os chiffon in two days. Whew! Every thing was beautiful and she is taking them to Quilt Market. I'll see you soon.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lots of fun

We had fun exploring what the possibilities were for screen printing on silk and nylon organza. We also wanted to use discharge paste for some images. Discharge paste does not work on the man made fibers, but it is great on the silk organza. Then someone said let's put paint into the discharge paste. Volia! What great results we got. Next week there should be some show and tell of the results students were getting.

Speaking of next week we will have a schedule change and continue with the organza for those who were not ready this week. Those who wish may also start on their animals or birds. I showed the process with the rabbits on the first day, but we will review. If that is the direction you are planning to go, bring your patterns, fabric scraps, and either white or black cotton to build the applique on. Plus the background you painted.

I am going off to spend the week with grandkids at two houses, and won't be back until time to teach a class at Ginger's on Tuesday night, so I won't get anything new done this week. Hopefully you will. See you next Wednesday.