Sunday, January 25, 2015

No Class this Wednesday

There will not be a class this Wednesday. 
I will be baby sitting.  
Keep painting!  I'll see you on February 4  

Birds of a Feather

 Myrna is well on her way to make history the theme of her garment.  We loved what she had done.

 I am staying with a bird theme and working on fabric for a Spring blouse.  This is my sample trying out a method where I put on splashes of color "wet on wet" then put on the gutta and paint.  I wand an in distinct look.  I am going for flying flocks of green and pink parrots.
 Today I hope to get this larger piece painted.  You can see how I started out with blotches of color first.   Then I drew in the birds with gutta and will paint over the blotches leaving them as my background.  I really didn't know if this would work or not, but I am pleased with the results I got.
 I finished my crow vest.  I really like it, now where to wear it?
 I did a yoke of silk dupioni frayed feathers to give it something extra.
 This is a detail of the yoke and the back.
This is a detail of the front yoke and painted birds.

Keep painting.  It takes awhile to paint enough fabric for a garment, but I am having a great time with these projects.  On February 4 I will show you an edge finish I think you will find very interesting.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

In progress

 All the parts of my vest are painted and I have them quilted.  I chose quilting because the silk was too flimsy for the york treatment I am planning.

This is a view of the backside of the quilting and the darts sewn into the back section.  I hope there is time to finish the vest before Wednesday class.
Keep painting.  I have a plan to start another piece of fabric when I get this one finished.  I'm staying with a bird theme.  This is so fun.

Thursday, January 8, 2015


We talked about getting inspiration for our project this session.  I thought you might like to see how my mind works and how I put ideas together until it starts to click into a design idea for me.

On my way driving home from Nevada I stopped at a rest stop in the desert and there were all these
huge ravens.  In the sun their feathers shown blue, purple and black.  I took these photos from my car window and thought I would love to do something with Ravens or Crows as a motif.

Then I looked on the Internet for photos of Crows and the one below showed up on Pinterest.
I looked at it for awhile and really liked that they were all in a bunch.  Did you know that a bunch of Crows is called a "Murder"?  
That intrigued me so I have decided to make a Vest featuring a "Murder", (a bunch of crows)

 I began drawing groups of crows and then tracing them and fitting them together.  Then I went to the copy shop and copied the drawing bigger.  This is an 8.5 X 11"  which I enlarged to 150% to get a scale that will be comfortable for me to paint.

 Here I taped a couple of sheets of tracing paper together and traced around the edges of my pattern.  Then I traced the crows onto the tracing paper so they fit within the pattern edges.
 I worked around darts by folding the dart and then tracing the birds head so when the dart is sewn it will move across the dart without loving part of the crow.  That is the plan at least.
 I traced the design onto my silk with gutta.
 Here I am painting the crows and trying to get to blues and purples to reflect in the black.  I considered clear white gutta and all black, but I like the color in it also.
 Since I took this photo I have darkened some birds and they are not as purple.  Now I've had an idea to include "Feathery Frays" in black, deep blue, and purple dupioni.  This project is getting exciting.
I hope you are also excited about your design.

Next week you need to bring your design in the scale you want on paper the size and shape of your pattern pieces.  I will show you how to spray glue and gutta the design to your fabric.  There was some misunderstanding last week.  We do not paint on the silk while it is on the paper.  You need a frame to paint the silk.  

So here again is the list for next week
Design pattern already to scale on the papers
Silk Fabric
frame for the silk and a way to attach the silk.  pins, clips, tape, tacks, etc.
Seta Silk  or  Dyna-Flo   They are interchangeable so get either kind.  Joannes sometimes has Dyna-Flo Dharma has started kits for both.
brush  (I have a box of brushes in the lab)

I will bring Frixion Pens,  Spray Glue,  and some paint.  

If you still need more information look back several posts and you will see more information about getting a design ready from the last silk painting session.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Silk Painting II Beyond the Basics

The new Silk Painting class starts Wednesday.
Bring your inspiration for what you want to paint and some idea of what you want to make.

This class will concentrate on making an original painted garment.

Here is the schedule that I hope we can follow, but sometimes there have to be changes.

Schedule for Silk Painting II Diane Ricks

Class begins at 10 AM and goes until 2 PM  Bring a sack lunch if you wish.
10-10:30 or 10:45  Show and Tell.  Share what you are doing or new things you have discovered. 

10:45 to 11:15  Demonstrations to get you started.   After Lunch some days there may be another short demo.  

This session we will concentrate on painting fabric for a garment.  If you are a slow painter do not do a large project or select one of the methods which takes less painting.

Jan 7 Where and What for inspiration
Planning a design for a garment.  
Painting some quick sample techniques

Jan 14 Applying your design to your fabric.  Start painting

Jan 21 Continue painting  

Jan 28 NO CLASS  I HAVE BABY SITTING DUTY     You may paint at home

Feb 4 Continue painting    

Feb 11 Continue painting   You may need to work at home to finish.

Feb 18 Start Sewing You may need to sew at home. 

Feb 25 Finish Sewing That is what we hope.  

If you finish your painting before February 18th you can start sewing at home.

If you are a fast painter you may want to make a second garment. 

We are NOT DOING a WAC Fashion Show this year, but they will have a Show and Tell that you can show what you have done.  WAC Meeting is Saturday February 21.