Friday, February 20, 2015

Continued Painting

 This is the finished silk painting I started in the Workshop I had gone to a couple of weeks ago in San Diego.  I added the sea shells and coral into a space that needed just a little something to make it sing.
 This is a detail of one of the corners.
 This is the demo of using thickened dye (Sodium alginate and Seta Silk) to paint directly on the silk without gutta lines.

Details of the birds and leaves.  When I washed the fabric it got a little lighter because unlike the dye which will penetrate, the paint that was on top of the sodium alginate thickener washed away.  It is still nice, but I should have thought that through.  The line work did not penetrate the dry sodium alginate and so most of it washed away;  however I went back with the fabric pens and put the lines back again.  I will think through the steps next time.  Now I know.

If you are planning to take the next group of classes they start Wednesday March 4 at 10 am
Bring 2 yard of PFD or pre washed white cotton, scissors, and a couple large jars or plastic containers with  lids to do parfait dying in.   I will only bring Procion for cotton.  I have some hand woven cotton scarves coming that will be fun to dye also.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


The class schedule said we would sew the last two weeks, but the consenses option is we would rather continue to paint and do our sewing at home.



The next session of classes starts on Wednesday March 4 and we will be dyeing (as opposed to painting).  I am ordering handwoven cotton scarves from Dharma for us to do parfait dyeing on the first day.  The materials fee will be $20 and cover the cost of the cotton scarves plus dyes.  We haven't done cotton scarves yet so why not!  You will be providing your own fabric or scarves for the rest of the class.  I will bring both acid dyes for silk and Procion MX for cotton or rayon after the first day.  That way you can choose what fabric you want to use.  We will do Microwave dyeing,  ice dyeing, parfait dyeing, shibori, and a few other techniques.
If you are newer to the class you may want to just work on scarves to try the different techniques.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Wonderful Week end

 I went to a silk painting workshop with Suzanne Vizor sponsored by the San Diego Silk Painters Guild.  The following photos are some of the workshop participants work.  We were working without gutta lines of resist and getting amazing patterns.

 We used dried paper towels that had been used to soak up spilled and left over dye to re-wet and transfer beautiful color designs back onto the silk.  Also I had never used Urea pellets to discharge color, but it is great fun.

 There are some great techniques to share with you on Wednesday.  We were using dye at the workshop so it does some things the Seta Silk won't.  I'm glad we have experienced the Seta Silk; because I love some of the things it does better than dye, and also some of the things only dye can do.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Week Off

 It was good to have a week for students to work at home.  Several got lots of work done.  The example of Audrey's beautiful Ginkgo leaves on a jacket for one, but wait! Audrey did more...
 Not just  leaves, but Nasturtium  flowers as well.  So beautiful.  And if that wasn't a treat...

Myrna blew us away with her English History jacket.  It is magnificent.  There were so many beautiful things in this jacket and then she showed another one made from kimono she had purchased on her trip to Japan.  Check out the red cording down the front and on the sleeves.  So cool.
Karen and Pat had fabric painted and we are looking forward to seeing finished garments soon.
  I'm still working on my green parrot blouse.  All I need is time to sew a bit more.
I have ordered more "Resistad"  I ordered in 100g containers.  I hope it comes that way and I will just sell you an un-mixed container like this.  With the shipping and tax it will be about $23 per container, but I won't know the final price until it comes.  The shipping has varied in the past.  You can do lots of gutta lines with 100g  and color it what ever color you need or want.

This week-end I am off to San Diego to a Suzanne Vizor workshop that I'm excited to take.  I hope I come back with lots of tips and tricks for us to try.  I'll see you Wednesday.  In the meantime PAINT!