Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I/m sorry to be so late to post.

We will be dyeing tomorrow.  Bring what you want to put color into.  or new fabric.
Cotton, rayon, linen or silk.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Next Wednesday

Next week we will have the discharge pots going in the patio, but we will add a few things to the process of taking color out of the fabric.

 These are examples of the stamps to bring for using discharge paste on silk and cotton, and "Soft Scrub with Bleach on cotton, rayon or linen.  THey are the foam type stamps about 1/4" thick.  I will also bring "Fun Foam" if you want to create your own stamps.  You will need scissors and an e-xacto knife.
to cut the foam.
 I will bring my box of stencils and silk screens for you to use with the paste type products as well.  If you have stencils or screens of your own you may wish to use, bring them as well.

 I just realized this photo is upside down  OH well,  I will bring freezer paper, discharge paste, and bleach products.  the pens work for line work and lettering.
 THis is an example of freezer paper mask on black cotton velveteen using spray bleach.  Outside use only
If anyone has some of this dense yellow type of foam please bring it.  It works great for applying the paste, but my supply has dwindled.  I guess I haven't been buying things with it as packing material lately.

Bring your fabric from this week to add to or for other considerations.

New Great -grand daughter

This is a photo of my brand new great-grand daughter.  Her name is Mia Shaner and she was born last night at 9:13.  What a cutie.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Back again

I am back and ready to begin class again.  I was with my sister in North Carolina.  Her husband died and I left suddenly to be there with her.  Sorry I didn't get to the FIDM Field trip.  I was on a p;ane at 6:30 am headed East.

So to address the next class.  We will be doing discharge.  That means taking color out of fabric.

Week 1  March 12    Discharge pots.   Bring your dark fabric wrapped or tied in bundles or on poles, ropes etc. and plunge it into a discharge pot.  it will take color out.   You can also use the parfait dyeing technique and put in diluted bleach solution if you use cotton or rayon.  Lots of possibilities.

Week 2   March 19   We will discharge again,  this time using discharge paste and Bleaching gels (Soft Scrub and toilet bowl cleaner) only use these bleach products on cotton or rayon.  Discharge paste can be used on any natural fiber.  Use silk screens, stencils, stamps, or brush it on.  The example above was an old shirt that I used toilet bowl cleaner and brushed it on.  This is a good way to re-vitalize a spotted and stained tee shirt.

Week 3  March 26   I will bring dye for both cotton and silk and you can replace color with new colors.
or you can do some of the other dye techniques we have used in other classes.

Week 4  April 2   More dye.

This is another example of using bleach solution on cotton.

Supplies needed?
Cotton, rayon or silk in dark colors to remove.

Let's have some fun!