Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Something New

I am trying Seta Silk for silk painting.
Seta Silk is a very watery pigment paint that is used with gutta lines to keep it in place, just like silk dye, but I found it stayed put better than the dye does.

 This is an example of what it did using silk painting techniques.  I have not washed out the gutta on this piece yet.
I rather liked it and you DO NO STEAM SET!  It sets in 24 hours or after it is dry you can iron it.  Ironing too soon or too hot seems to dull the paint color a bit.  I am pleased with the results, but will be working and experimenting with it a bit more.

 It is done on a frame like regular silk painting.  I had bought a small kit of 12 colors to try out.

 This is after sitting for 24 hours, then ironed and washed out.  I still have some issues to work out, but generally the results are good.  When I return from Santa Fe I will pursue it with more dedication.
 I finished the stitching on a failed silk painting that was marbled over.  I really liked the results.

Still painting on canvas and paper as well 
 This is an acrylic painting inspired by the watercolor below.  The watercolor background was too cold so I used some acrylic to warm it up.  Then I liked it well enough to do another painting with just acrylic.
A couple of years ago I was speaking to a Quilt Guild in Glendora and I arrived early.
While sitting in the car a flock of green parrots flew into the trees in front of where I had parked.  I wanted to get the feeling of motion from the fluttering wings as they flocked into the tree.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I still know how to sew!

 I am getting ready to go to teach in Santa Fe, New Mexico, but the weekend I get home I have to have this piece ready for a Surface Art Challenge, so I worked on it all day.  It is about the "Silk Road".  It was the ancient trade route from Asia to Europe.  the heavy stitched lines are the trade routes.  It still needs work.  I'm not sure what else to do, but maybe something will come to me.
It was painted with Seta Silk Paints.  I was very impressed with how good the colors were.  It is a paint and does not need steaming.  Something else I will be trying more of.  It also doesn't seem to run out of the gutta lines as easily as the dye does.
 For the Gallery opening I painted and sewed this jacket.  I will also take it to the SPIN conference
to wear.  It has been ages since I painted on silk, but I really did enjoy it again and promised myself to do more.
 This piece is done with the steam set dye and gold gutta.  Brilliant colors.

This is the photo quilt I made during the latest photo + quilts class.  I love the big boulders and the interaction with the grandkids.  There are some secret animals quilted into the scene.  Hard to see in the photo, but they are skulking about.