Friday, March 22, 2013

Finished Blouses

 These are finished blouses from the last class.  LOVE IT!
 Who knew we could start with white and get such beautiful results?
Marbling on chiffon.  So delicate and beautiful.

The Frames arrived

 The purse handles arrived.  Yeah!!!
 I have alled a few applique pieces to cover the runs.  It may not look very good right now, but wait until it is quilted.  Then see the difference.
 This one needs some applique.  I will demonstrate how to do it on Wednesday.
These are the petals I painted separate to add in place of the ones that ran.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Silk Painting starts

Next Wednesday a new session begins.  We will start with gutta resist silk painting and if you want to do a complete project I have ordered these frames from China and you can turn your painting into a small purse.  They look antique.  Goggle Orchids, Poppies, Iris, and Pansies  click on Images and look at the colors and shapes of those flowers.  I will be bringing Xerox drawings of those 4 flowers for you to paint, but if you look at them and even print out a few so you have ideas for colors and details it might help you paint them.  You may also bring your own images to paint.  For the purse  6" wide by 7" high is the size for the image to fit on the purse face.

Below is the list of supplies you will need for class.  It goes for 8 weeks so you don't need everything at once but come with the supplies listed for Gutta Resist.

The Supplies needed for the Silk class

Gutta Resist     (If doing the purse  @$5.00 to $6.00 for metal frame)
silk   (if doing the purse  1 yd silk charmuse or satin) 
gutta in a tube or squeeze bottle (gold preferred)
small brushes
1” foam brush
frame to work on     (I have several 30” frames you may use)
push pins

2 to 4 yds  silk  (15mm Habotai,  Crepe de Chine,  Charmuse, or noil)
plastic sheeting

Twisted Chiffon
3 yards silk chiffon

Discharge Pot
black silk or other dark color  (your choice of amount and type)

Marbling   $10 additional charge for Carregeanan 
any fabric will marble.  You can over-marble previously dyed fabrics
Alum for pre-treating fabrics
plastic bin for marbling solution
1 gallon of filtered or distilled water 
stack of newsprint or news papers
paint:  Golden Liquid Acrylic     4 to 6 colors

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Techniques 2

We will have fun making some wearable techniques and also making cord necklaces.  Bring a piece os fabric that will look good on the bias,  You will be cutting a 2" strip on the bias.  I can be pieced if necessary.  Also sewing machine and scissors.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

See you in Class

I got everything ready for class last Thursday so I had time to paint over the weekend.
These are the paintings I finished.

 I'm especially proud of the light on the dirty window on this one.
 This is the second time I have painted this scene.  It is a village in a cleft of the rocks along the Amalfi coast of Italy.  I was fascinated by the houses built into the rocks, but I would never make it with all those stairs.
These two buses were parked in a jungle village in Belize.  I loved the colors and the rust.

I hope you have been working on your shirts.  We will be doing a few embellishments and the ribbon sunflower featured in the last blog post on Wednesday.   Bring a hoop that fits under your presser foot if you have one.