Sunday, July 28, 2013

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to me!  Another year rolled by, actually it was going very fast and it still is.
July 24th, the very day of my birthday friends got together and celebrated my birthday at Myrna Elliott's wonderful home.  Thank you to all who came it was so lovely to see so many and to see what wonderful creations you have been making.

The summer will soon be over and we will be back to class.  The first classes start Sept 4th and we will work on Photoshop Elements and quilts again for four weeks.  We will also go through how to use a photo as a pattern for an original quilt pattern.  I know this class has been given before (several times) but many still requested it.  Then in October we will paint and dye fabrics again.  

I am teaching at Long Beach next week so my mind is full of that.  I will post supply list and such for classes after that is over and things have settled down again.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Marbled and Done

 I finally finished something using the marbled fabric I have accumulated.  The marbling was so mu;ch fun I just couldn't stop, but doing something with it was another matter.  I have to donate a small quilt for the silent auction in Houston so this will be my contribution.  It is called "Hide  and  Seek".  Not a ton of work, but a fun concept and it turned out ok.
This is marbling over silk painting and is all hand stitched.  I put it onto canvas and on stretcher bars.  (you can't tell by the photo)  It is a favorite.  I have mostly been painting this summer.  That is when I am at home and not traveling back and forth to one or another of my kid's homes.
I am getting obsessed about painting and will need to get over it and get ready for the fall classes.  I have ideas that need to be tried and see if they work.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Long Beach Quilt Festival

The Long Beach Quilt Festival will be held at the Long Beach Convention Center August 1to 4.  I will be teaching 7 times.  Some classes, some demonstrations and a new thing "Create on the Spot"

 This represents a class Friday Forum where I will participate in a "Round-Robin" format.  I will talk about how to use your photos to create original quilts.
 My old standby "Microwave dyeing for Cotton will be on Friday Aug 2
 Twist and Shout,  Microwave dyeing Silk will be on Thursday Aug 1
 These Hanah Silk Ribbon Poppies will be featured at "Create on the Spot on Saturday at 11 am
 Scrappy Cloth will be a class on Thursday  Aug 1.  We will make small purses with wonderful tassels included in the kits.
The other "Create on the Spot" class are Hanah silk velvet roses.  It isn't easy to find something that can be done in less than 1 hour, but these roses fit the bill.  Brooke has sent wonderful kits worth double what the class costs.  She has been so generous.   There is one more class, but the photo isn't here.
It is painted silk roses.  on Friday Aug 2.
I hoe I see some of you there.  If not in a class at least wandering the floor.